The University confirms that GolPeru will broadcast its games as

The University confirms that GolPerú will broadcast its games as per the FPF’s approval

Jean Ferrari, administrator of the merengue team, spoke after GolPerú announced that it would broadcast the classic between Universitario and Alianza Lima.

The conflict over the broadcasting rights brings new things with it. In the midst of this panorama and after the broadcast of the classic between Universitario vs. Alianza Lima from the Creme team, issued a statement to explain the situation and confirmed that GolPerú will be in charge of broadcasting GolPerú’s home games league 1

“From this date, GolPerú will resume broadcasting the home games that our club plays in the Professional Soccer First Division Tournament,” the statement begins.

University statement.  Photo: University.

University statement. Photo: University.

In the following paragraphs, the Merengue Institution emphasizes that the precautionary measure filed by the FPF not allowed to fulfill the new agreement, which “entails very advantageous economic conditions” for the club.

Faced with this scenario, the student team has decided to respect the authorization granted by the Peruvian Football Federation, which stipulates that only clubs that have signed a contract with the consortium until 2019 can broadcast their games.

“The Universitario de Deportes and the Consorcio have determined that their current contract will be temporarily performed in part, so that it conforms to the scope of the express authorization granted by the FPF, as ordered by the competent judge,” they concluded.

Similarly, Universitario administrator Jean Ferrari took to his social media to provide more details about the case and welcome the settlement.

Message from Jean Ferrari.  Photo: Capture Twitter.

Message from Jean Ferrari. Photo: Capture Twitter.

“Talks of several days and we were able to reach a good agreement, respecting the formalities and the legal requirements. The basic contract is applied and the extension addendum is temporarily left. Now waiting for them to be validated. We continue to move forward at a good pace”, stressed .

When do they play Universitario vs. Lima Alliance?

The match between Alianza Lima and Universitario will take place this Sunday, February 19 from 15:30 (Peruvian time). The eternal rivals will face each other at the Monumental de Ate stadium.

Which broadcaster will broadcast the classic Universitario vs. Lima Alliance?

Through their social networks GolPerú announced that it will be the signal for broadcasting the classic between Universitario vs. Allianz of Lima.

Which channel is Gol Peru?

  • Movistar TV (Satellite): Channel 114 (SD), Channel 814 (HD)
  • Movistar TV (Cable): Channel 14 (SD), Channel 714 (HD)
  • Star Globalcom: Channel 14 (SD).