The Voice painful duels

“The Voice”: painful duels

The phase of the “La Voix” duels that started this Sunday is a difficult phase for the coaches. On the one hand, they must unite equal talents around a song that will allow everyone to shine on stage, but then they only have to choose one to continue the adventure.

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A decision you can avoid with the “Saved” button.

When Marjo faced Philippe Plourde and Steven Grondin on the Cat Stevens song “Father and Son,” she had no idea what a difficult decision she would have to make at the end of her performance.

The two singers approached this stage with camaraderie. “We saw it as a duo,” said Philippe. We wanted to present an interpretation that complements each other well with differences. We wanted to do a cohesive number and we delivered performances at eye level. They were able to take advantage of this song, which the production had tried several times in the past without getting the rights.

Steven also saw a parallel between the song’s lyrics and his own life. “It’s like a discussion between a father and his son. I made my come out this year and went in search of meaning thanks to my personal story. On the piano and the harmonica they found the ideal formula, all soft and deep for this duel.

A difficult choice

The two young men are happy to be able to work with Marjo. “Her comments have been super good, she is full of support and confidence,” said Philippe, while Steven insists he is present at all times. “She gave us really relevant advice. We worked a lot on the staging, she wanted us to own the song and make the stage our territory.

The other coaches voted two-to-one for Philippe, with Marjo taking the opportunity to tell him that she believed he had secured a Jean-Pierre Ferland-style career and that she had also chosen to do so continue adventure.

“I was very proud of Steven, but at the same time a little disappointed,” he analyzed. Things are quickly linked on stage.

But our national rocker finally couldn’t bring himself to let Steven go and decided to steal him before she got up to kiss him. “You’re too good, I just can’t let you go,” she whispered in his ear.

Sophie Grenier, 17, Ottawa

For this first dueling show, Mario Pelchat pitted his team’s top two voices against the impressive Steffy Beyond and the stunning Sophie Grenier, whose blind audition caused a sensation. “It was stressful for me,” said the 17-year-old singer. It was hard to imagine that at the end of our duet one of the two had to leave, there were many common feelings. Choosing the song “Et bam” was not easy for her at first. “I didn’t know her at all at first, but the more I listened to her, the more she touched me. At the same time, the story was about what we were going through and it was written for Mentissa when she transitioned to The Voice. The two women have found a way to touch the hearts of the public. The manager initially chose to keep Steffy in his team but he immediately wanted to steal Sophie, just like Marc who was trying to regain this great talent. “I’ve decided to stay with Mario, I feel I can still learn more from him. Since the coaches have the ability to save only one person from their team, I found it touching that he wanted to save me and continue with him.

Élysabeth Rivest, 33, Saint Thomas

Élysabeth Rivest was suspected of being paired with Marie-France Lantin for the duels due to their shared style, particularly on “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan. “It’s a song that makes me feel good, makes me happy. It’s a party song with us. The song may be taken lightly, but the lyrics also promote the power of strong women. We had so much fun working with Marie-France, above all we wanted to have fun.” The 33-year-old singer says she has learned a lot from her coach Corneille. “We learn to see the person behind the artist. He is benevolent and as charming as on TV. He believes in us and shows us, it gives us confidence. At the end of the service, she still felt a certain excitement when she saw the three coaches vote in favor of Marie-France. “I was preparing my farewell speech when I heard Corneille say my name. I was really very surprised. I think he saw something in me for the future.” She was later very happy to see two coaches trying to steal her competitor. Marie-France will continue the show in Mario Pelchat’s team.

Audrey-Anne Seguin, 27, Montreal

Marc Dupré has chosen to juxtapose two very different candidates, the strong emotional voice of Audrey-Anne Séguin against the raspy rock of Nickolas Verrecchia on the song “Beggin'”. A recipe for success if we assess the result. “I wanted to do the best number possible and work with Nickolas,” the singer said. Each of us has our colors and our variations, but we quickly agreed that we would remain positive and benevolent towards one another. The coach said he liked both of his contestants but chose to continue with Audrey-Anne because of “the solidity and the impression that she can sing anything”.

You continue the adventure:

Corneille team

Vanessa Couture-Lacasse, 29, Magog

Élysabeth Rivest, 33, Saint Thomas

Team Marc Dupre

Loïk Jolicoeur, 16, Saint-Constant

Audrey-Anne Seguin, 27, Montreal

Mario Pelchat team

Steffy Beyong, 23, Montreal

Tommy Demers, 43, Acton Vale

Sophie Grenier, 17, Ottawa [Sauvé]

Marie France Lantin, 25, Laval [Volée]

Team Marjo

Steven Grondin, 28, Sainte-Clotilde-de-Beauce [Sauvé]

Philippe Plourde, 21, Montreal

Christopher Therrien, 33 years old, Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska (NB)