The Voice Senior the semi finalists the favourites the coaches

The Voice Senior: the semi finalists, the favourites, the coaches’ controversial decisions and the public’s protests

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finish this Blind Auditions To The Voice Senior 2023. The teams were completed by the coaches. Too bad the judges didn’t even have time to fine-tune their team enough that they had to cut it in half immediately. Ground? According to the mechanism of the program, you have to go from 12 members to 6 singers with a view to the semi-finals. In short, in an amen Gigi D’Alessio, Loredana Bertè, Clementino and the rich and the poor They were forced to cut their selection in half. A rule that has sparked several protests from viewers, who have flocked to social media to demand an overhaul of the ordinance for the next edition. In fact, it’s not the best to see half of the competitors suddenly drop out, as they say.

The Voice Senior: the semi-finalists and favourites

Team Gigi D’Alessio, these are the final choices of the musician from Campania:

  • Giuseppe Izzillo (in the semifinals)
  • Marco Rancati (in the semifinals)
  • Gianni Conte (in the semifinals)
  • Claudio Morosi (in the semifinals)
  • Annalisa Beretta (in the semifinals)
  • Lisa Maggio (in the semifinals)
  • Franco Rangone (retired)
  • Anna Sannino (retired)
  • Tatiana Paggini (retired)
  • Carmelo Castobello (retired)
  • Giuseppe Izzillo (retired)
  • Monia Cinquegrana (retired)
  • Dario Gay (retired)

Outside of Dario Gay, important name with two probably behind Sanremo. Gigi D’Alessio preferred others. For the ultimate victory Claudius Morosi He has all the makings to reach the top step of the podium.

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Team Ricchi e Poveri, these are the final decisions of the band:

  • Fabrizio Rico (in the semifinals)
  • Emilio Paolo Piluso (in the semifinals)
  • Sergio Borgia (in the semifinals)
  • Augusta Procesi (in the semifinals)
  • Mario Aiudi (in the semifinals)
  • Sergio Moltoni (in the semifinals)
  • Amelia Milella (retired)
  • Morena Rosini (retired)
  • Laura Trieste (retired)
  • Mary Carmen Scerry (retired)
  • Luciano Capurro (retired)
  • Giulia Crocini (retired)

Attention to Emilio Paolo Piluso, very special voice and crystal clear talent and a serious contender for triumph.

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Team Loredana Bertè, these are the rocker’s final choices:

  • Lisa Manosperti (in the semifinals)
  • Aida Cooper (in the semifinals)
  • Rossella Coci (in the semifinals)
  • Rosa Alba Pizzo (in the semifinals)
  • Ronnie Jones (in the semifinals)
  • Diego Vilardo (in the semifinals)
  • Ninni Lo Casto (retired)
  • Stefano Peli (retired)
  • Rosalba Musolino (retired)
  • Stefania Belli (retired)
  • Roberto Coen (retired)
  • Patrizia Zanetti (retired)

Loredana brings her choir singer with her Aida Cooper and the star Ronny Jones. Undoubtedly huge talents and favorites for the finals, but perhaps space could have been given to those who have never been in the spotlight.

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Team Clementino, these are the rapper’s final choices:

  • Sebastiano Procida (in the semifinals)
  • Beppe Quintale (in the semifinals)
  • Minnie Minoprio (in the semifinals)
  • Luigi Raguseo (in the semifinals)
  • Maria Teresa Reale (in the semifinals)
  • Alex Sure (in the semifinals)

Many doubts about the choice Beppe Quintal which was not particularly brilliant in performance. Even on social media, many have expressed doubts, to say the least, about the decision to keep the TV presenter at stake. However, among the favorites for the final victory, Alex Sure stands out, a special and original voice.

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