The wave of rejection of Javier Milei39s accusations against the

The wave of rejection of Javier Milei's accusations against the singer Lali Espósito

Argentine President Javier Milei found a target of his criticism this week in the successful Argentine singer and actress Lali Espósito to the alleged waste of public money.

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The controversy began days ago when the Libertarian president repeated this on his social networks a publication that criticized the costs of the Cosquín Rock music festival that took place last weekend near the city of Córdoba (central Argentina) and where Espósito gave a concert.

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On Wednesday, during a television interview, Milei again doubted the financing of Cosquín Rock and explained this Cordoba Provincial Government “Gives You 1,000 Million Pesos ($1.1 Million) in Subsidies”.

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“All the artists who were there, like Lali Depósito (sic), received money from the state (…) She received money from different governments,” ironically Milei changed the name of the protagonist of the popular soap opera “Casi Ángeles”. '.

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All the artists who were there, like Lali Depósito (sic), received money from the state (…) She received money from different governments.

The 32-year-old Espósito had clearly positioned himself against the libertarian after his victory in the simultaneous and mandatory open primaries (Paso) last Augustdescribing the success of the then candidate as a “dangerous” and “sad” fact.

In new statements, the president of the South American country sharpened his tone against the singer and accused her “a parasite that sucked at the breast of the state”, a “propaganda mechanism” and “reproduction” in its shows.

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Milei's statements were heavily criticized by various voices from politics, media and culture; including that of the well-known singer María Becerra, who considered it Milei's sayings “remind us of a chapter in our country's dark history”.

Producer and composer Bizarrap, singers Tini Stoessel, Cazzu, Nicki Nicole and former leader of the band Divididos, Ricardo Mollo, are also among a long list of renowned artists who have expressed their support for the singer.

Politicians – even from the right-wing Republican Proposal (PRO), an ally of the president – ​​also expressed their solidarity with the artist.

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The truth is that Espósito himself did not comment on the controversy until this Thursday evening when it published a long message on his social networks clarifying that he took part in municipal shows “with all governments”..

“Culture not only creates a lot of work, but also builds and tells the identity of a people and, above all, creates joy and emotions. I respect, although I don't agree, that your plan turns its back on culture or doesn't prioritize it.” , But I believe that demonizing an industry and the people who make it up is not the way to go“said the singer in X.

Espósito concluded his message by inviting Milei, a well-known music lover, to one of his concerts and accusing him of his “unfair and violent speech.”

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Culture not only creates a lot of work, it builds and tells the identity of a people and, above all, creates joy and emotions.

This Friday, Milei continued to attack Argentina's cultural industry without specifically mentioning Lali Espósito.

“The problem here is not an actress. It is a cultural architecture that aims to support the model that benefits politicians,” specified the President in a statement published in X.

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Government spokesman Manuel Adorni expressed the same sentiment in his press conference on Friday: very critical of the spending that governments make from citizens' taxes.

Lali Espósito began her career as a television actress at the age of 10 and then acted in theater and film before devoting herself to music She sang on the international tours of Katy Perry and Camila Cabello, including with Ricky Martin, and released five albums as a soloist and songwriter..


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