The women’s Corinthians victory backstage pays homage to Rita Lee; Check it out Meu Timão

Behind the scenes of Corinthians’ 21 win over Ferroviária for Paulistão Feminino, tributes were paid to singer Rita Lee, who died last Monday.

Player of the match with one goal and one assist, the team Yasmim put on a wig after the game and started singing the song “Perfume Launcher‘, which was used as the soundtrack for the first few minutes of the video, getting the players and coaching staff partying.

The first behindthescenes tour ends with Rita Lee quoting the Corinthians hymn: “Save Corinthians, champion of champions, forever in our hearts” Check out the full video below.

In addition to Brabas, last Thursday the men’s Corinthians faced Botafogo with the name “lee‘ on each player’s uniform, in addition to the hashtag #AmorPretoeBranco below the jersey numbering, in homage to the Queen of Rock who composed the song “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” in honor of the club Parque São Jorge.

before the game

The video began with images of the Brabas’ arrival at the Fonte Luminosa stadium, the scene of the confrontation. Before the lecture, coach Arthur Elias was already in the mood to pay homage to the singer and referred to the song “Lança Perfume”. Then he gave the first speech to the Brabas before they entered the field.

“You are fine, our moment is very good. I think we have to seize this moment. We have tough games. Classic as today (serves) for more growth and for the further development of our work, our game system and especially our individuality. I think the game is like this, the most important thing is always to assert yourself. Get through on the physical part, get through on the technical part. The game is very contentious, every ball, every moment. And the individual confrontation, I always tell you, wins the game. That’s what gets you up,” the commander began.

The players then went onto the pitch to warm up. They were also joined there by fitness coach Marcelo Rosseti, who spoke about the importance of taking risks in highlevel games.

“We have behaved very well in this very difficult period that we are having, with a very high intensity at the beginning. It’s fundamental for us to have a good first half and sometimes even make work easier in the second half.” When there is a challenge and we take risks, the feeling is much more comfortable. A tough game against a good opponent also offers this chance. So we’re confident that we can make nice plays and today is the day we can make that happen,” he said.

after the game

After the pictures of the applications of another game in which the team had won were shown, the players of both teams shook hands. At one point, a hug and conversation could be seen between coach Arthur Elias and Ingryd, a midfielder who played for Timão in the 20192021 seasons.

Yasmim, voted star of the game, celebrated the goal and assist and wants Corinthians to stay focused even after the wins.

“Look mom, look dad, cousins. Another small trophy for the gallery. Another assist and another goal, man. Folks, God is too good a man. Believe in your dreams, work hard to make them come true. Let’s make the most of this phase, this moment and keep working hard. “The more we win, the more we have to work,” and also thanked Duda Sampaio for assisting the goal.

Arthur Elias concluded by asking the players and the committee to pay tribute to Rita Lee, who, in the Commander’s words, was a woman.very damn!“.

nickname “ritasmin‘ Yasmim, clad in Rita Lee’s wig, paid homage to the singer. She also explained the origin of her relationship with Brazilian pop music and praised the Queen of Rock.

“She certainly enjoyed life, she revolutionized her story and those who follow her life, and the story of women as well. Because she was always straight. She threw herself a lot, gave a lot. And these works of art stay with us for the rest of our lives.‘ finished the player, who started singing the song ‘Mania de Você’ at the end of the video.

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