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“The work is not finished, we want another ring”: Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs on a mission

BALTIMORE | Ultimately, the party in Baltimore didn't take place in the stands of M&T Bank Stadium. Rather, the real party began in the Chiefs' tiny locker room.

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The Chiefs may be returning to the Super Bowl for the fourth time in five years, but if you think this has become routine for them, think again.

You had to watch the scene to realize how special this 17-10 triumph against the Ravens was for the players.

Even after the long celebrations on the field, the joy was palpable in the rooms, which were far too small for the fifty greats who celebrated.

With the eardrum-busting music, the distinct cigar fumes and the incessant cheers, this victory seemed special. Navigating the cameras, players' clothes on the floor and hugs was an obstacle course.

“We never take anything for granted. In football, you never know if you're going to make it to the Super Bowl or how often it's going to happen. “The guys have come together after everything that's happened this season and the work isn't done, we want another ring,” exclaimed Patrick Mahomes, who was entitled to the rest, in a conference room instead of a locker room speaking looks like a mass.


Patrick Mahomes celebrated the victory in the American Conference finals on stage with Chris Jones and Travis Kelce.

Travis Kelce alongside his famous flame Taylor Swift. Getty Images via AFP

It's true that this Chiefs season has been different than previous ones. They have lost six times, their most since 2017, when Mahomes was just a rookie who didn't play.

They slipped to 15th in points scored after never finishing lower than sixth in the Mahomes era.

So much so that in December, after a series of five defeats in eight games, the hopes of becoming Super Bowl champions again seemed very slim.

“People may not realize it, but it's a challenge every year to get this far. We played a lot of games and the boys responded well. Every week the other teams are motivated to do their best. There is never a game that is canceled. There is never an easy opponent. “That says a lot about the resilience of our boys,” praised head coach Andy Reid.

This time the Chiefs owe their presence in the big game more than ever to their defense, which has often saved the furniture.

The six losses this season also forced the team to play two playoff games on the road, in Buffalo and Baltimore. It's a path she hasn't had to take since Mahomes took office.

“It was good to play in hostile environments. It allowed us to come together. It brings something special to our trip, but if I had the choice, I would still rather walk through our home in Arrowhead,” smiled Mahomes, who will try to win a third Super Bowl on Feb. 11.

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Ravens focused on the future

Unsurprisingly, there was a deep silence in the Ravens locker room. One of the players who withstood the storm was wide receiver Zay Flowers, who committed a crucial fumble at the goal. With his eyes red and swollen, the poor man struggled for words.

“I thought the ball went over the line but I will learn from my mistakes. I just wanted to win. My teammates are my brothers, so they will support me. We really wanted to win, but sometimes the best team doesn’t win,” emphasized the rookie.

“Everyone makes mistakes. It was his first conference finals game. It was also the first time I was in this situation. We will bounce back,” noted Lamar Jackson.

“I’m sad to lose in a Super Bowl game, but I feel like we’re building something bigger with this team.”