Their relationship is disgusting Travis Barkers ex wife comments on

‘Their relationship is disgusting’: Travis Barker’s ex wife comments on him and Kourtney Kardashian

Former model Shanna Moakler, ex-wife of musician Travis Barker and mother of her two teenage children, Landon, 19, and Alabama, 17, has been very positive and heartfelt about the brand new love story between her ex-husband and the TV star Kourtney Kardashian, who married in Portofino, Italy last Mayto jump straight into the attack to make clear the rejection that marriage generates in him and his concern about the impact the relationship might have on the well-being of his offspring.

In his last public speech the former Miss United States spared no harsh criticism to criticize the dynamics between the band’s drummers Blink 182 and the older sister of Kim Kardashian. On the way through the podcast ‘Miss Understood with Rachel Uchitel’, Moakler has noted that he finds the relationship “absolutely disgusting” and “fucking hilarious,” without giving reasons to justify his opinion.

“I can’t say anything positive about that. And it’s not that I’m bitter, I’m certainly not jealous”he said emphatically before changing his tone slightly. “I wish you all the best as long as you behave well with my children. That’s all I care about. But I think it’s all really weird.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the former mannequin directly attacked the artist, assuring that she no longer recognized him and expressing her desire to sever all ties with him. “I don’t know him anymore. Our daughter will be 18 this year, so our work together is coming to an end. And from that moment on, we no longer need to see or speak. I’m looking forward to it,” he reveals openly.

A few weeks ago, Shanna Moakler mercilessly attacked Kourtney for posting a new photo showing the celebrity being affectionate and playful with her stepsons. “He publishes more photos of my children than his,” he accused while alluding to one of the possible reasons for his animosity toward her.

All in all, both Landon and Alabama are thrilled with the role their famous stepmother plays in their lives. So much so that the eldest gave an emotional speech at Travis and Kourtney’s wedding, specifically thanking the socialite for treating him like another son.