1676779688 Theres mail for you Mario is desperate for Martina If

There’s mail for you Mario is desperate for Martina: “If she closes the envelope, I don’t want to have a bad conscience anymore”

At C’è Posta per Te Mario, Martina tries to win back after various breakups: “I want to marry you and have a child with you”. But she is no longer there after so much suffering: “My feeling is not the same anymore”.

Theres mail for you Mario is desperate for Martina If

The second story in the series of Mail for You is coming on February 18th is that of Mario and Martina, the story of a broken love. After 4 years living together with Martina, he decides to leave her a few months before the start of the broadcast. He doesn’t make himself heard, has fun at the disco and, in the meantime, Martina discovers some messages from Mario with other girls.

Mario’s love life is anything but linear, having survived a marriage to another woman, a divorce and a son he is deeply in love with. Despite everything, Martina welcomes him like her own son right from the start of their relationship, until she too decides to have a child of her own. She feels the lack of attention, which is also determined by Mario’s very heavy work and so the two get into a crisis, so much so that Mario leaves her and Martina decides to leave the house. For three months they don’t feel and he tries to forget her by going out with friends and having fun looking for other relationships until Martina looks for him again and they meet again without it being official. One thing that obviously made their relationship even more complicated, so much so that Mario called the program to ask her to marry him: “If I’m here today, it’s because I want to tell you that I’m ready, to take my responsibility. I want to marry you and have a child with you‘ explains Mario.

Martina, on the other hand, is skeptical: “I’m disappointed with his behavior, I suffered from anxiety attacks, tachycardia. I stopped going to work. I got scared and scared my family. To this day I no longer believe in a future together, in the idea of ​​a family. I don’t think he’s really as ready as he says.” She worries Mario might leave again at the next crisis. “I read the chats of the girls you wrote to, even when we were together,” says Martina. “They sent me a picture of him holding two girls,” he admits. “You said to me, ‘You take away my composure’, certain sentences stick with you”.

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Mario’s attempt to convince Martina fails until she closes the envelope: “My feelings aren’t the same anymore”. Mario is disappointed and heartbroken. “If you close the envelope, I don’t want to feel bad anymore. I want to start over and I want her to start over too.”