These airbag trousers give you a fun look Futura

These airbag trousers give you a fun look – Futura

Here are the biker airbag pants. The most spectacular thing about a fall is not necessarily the accident, but the speed of its wearer, whose physical integrity was preserved.

Airbags for motorcycles have been around for quite some time. These are special vests designed to inflate automatically when a fall is detected. Their interest is obvious, but their price is still prohibitive. For all round protection there is the CX Easyriders airbag for the lower limbs. These pants are distributed by the French brand CX Air Dynamics. These are normal looking overpants, despite some excess weight from the airbag. But in the event of an accident, the assembly protects the knees, hips and thighs.

In this situation that no one wants to test, the puffy jean gives its wearer, who we hope is safe and sound, with its combination of swollen latex-latex bibendum or even that of the singer Sam Smith at the last Brit Awards. If aesthetics remain the least of your concerns after a fall, the most serious and difficult-to-repair injuries to knees, hips and thighs can be avoided. Down below, down to the shins, the damage is less numerous and easier to treat. In any case, the brand demonstrated the effectiveness of this airbag with a brutal stunt on a motorcycle, at high speed, alongside a car traveling at 65 km/h.

Here are the airbag overpants distributed by the French company CX. If the motorcycle crashes into the side of the car at high speed, the airbag will deploy and protect the pilot’s lower limbs if he hits the ground after the impact. Enable subtitles. © CX Air Dynamics, YouTube

Classier jeans but less protective

If the two vehicles are totally destroyed, the driver will escape unharmed, even if he ended his fall in a stack of boxes to cushion it. For the detection of the pilot’s ejection, two cables allow to connect the pants to the two wheels. They activate a CO2 bulb that inflates the protective bags in the event of an accident. The costs remain. As for a vest, the price is astronomical with a ticket of 599 euros. However, doing without a bodywork often has a high price in the event of an accident. In order to have a little more elegance, the Swedish Mo’Cycle, for its part and according to the same technological principle, offers a version of jeans equipped with an airbag.

This time it’s not overpants, but jeans with an ugly Velcro system down the side of the leg to below the knee. It is a velcro that allows the airbag system to be removed to wash the pants. In this latest model, airbag protection extends no further than below the knee. Once the airbag is inflated, the look is a little more grotesque, with the impression of seeing poorly tailored jodhpurs. The pants have not yet been released, but their crowdfunding price is currently around $450 if reserved.