1676681234 These are the 6 older brothers Marc Anthony and Nadia

These are the 6 older brothers Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira’s baby is set to have

The day of valentines daywas the one chosen by Marc Anthony and his brand new wifethe Paraguayan model Nadia Ferreirato announce that they are expecting their first infant. This will be the seventh Son of the Puerto Rican singer, so the new family member 6 older brothersFruit of the salsa singer’s previous love affairs.

It should be remembered that among his many lovers To mark By the time he was three he had offspring. First, the musician had a relationship with the former police officer in the early 90s Debbie Rosadowith whom he had two children Arianna And Alexwho was adopted. Then two more would arrive. Chris And RyanProduct of his relationship with the former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres. Finally with Jennifer Lopezthe artist fathered his twins emme And Max.

These are the 6 older brothers Marc Anthony and Nadia

Alex and Arianna Muñiz, Marc Anthony’s eldest children.

Arianna Muniz Rosado

is the oldest from Mark Antonywho was born while the singer was maintaining his relationship with the former New York police officer Debbie Pink. Yes OK Arianna If he has contact with his father, he prefers to keep up edge all exposure public, and even more now that he has married a younger woman. It should be noted that the Puerto Rican’s first daughter is 29 years old and his current only wife is 23 years old.

That turned out to be the case Arianna it’s not from agreement so your Father It has been married with the Model Paraguayan for the marked Difference from Old that exists between them and that would have been the reason why NO was currently in his Marriage.

Alex “Chase” Muniz Rosado

Is he Brother greater than Arianna from a relationship he had Debbie Rosado before meeting the Mark Antony. However, the singer did not hesitate adopt it when his career started. Alex is one of the children who has more divided with the salsaalthough he always stays out of the flashes and controversies.

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Marc Anthony and Dayanara Torres had Chris and Ryan Muñiz.

Christian Muniz Torres

Is he Son taller than the former Miss Universe singer Dayanara Torres. Chis He’s a fan of drawing superheroes and he lets it be seen on his Facebook account. instagram. is together with Kylie framewith whom he lives NY.

Ryan Muniz Torres

The youngest of the two children To mark He dated the former beauty queen, and at just 20 years old, he’s already shown he could be one referrer of Fashionas it has all the qualities to be in the end Top the best magazines of the world. Many of the man’s fans Nadia Ferreira agree Ryan is the most similar Singer.

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Emme and Max are Marc Anthony’s youngest children, the result of his relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

Emme and Maximilian Muniz Lopez

In the years that they were together Mark Antony And Jennifer Lopez They became parents of twins emme And Maxwho were previously the children minors of the artist, of course, until the birth of the infant what do you expect Nadia Ferreira.

emme is the most extrovert of the twins, and has even declared himself a non-existent person. binarywhile Max stops profile further low that her sister, who was already with her mother in the “halftime” of Super Bowl 2020 and in the movieMarry I“.