They arrest three suspects in the gang rape of a

They arrest three suspects in the gang rape of a Brazilian influencer in India while she was camping

They arrest three suspects in the gang rape of a

Last weekend in India, a tourist couple were attacked while camping as part of their motorcycle tour from West Bengal state to Nepal. The man was attacked and the woman was raped by a group of seven criminals. According to local authorities, three of the suspects have been arrested and the search for the others is ongoing. The The couple's identity is being kept confidentialaccording to Indian law.

Both were found last Friday by police officials patrolling the area, Dumka district police commissioner Pitambar Singh Kherwar said, quoted by CNN. The couple was immediately taken to hospital where they are recovering. It is not known whether the detainees have legal representation.

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Instagram complaint

The couple runs a travel blog and posted a video on their Instagram account on Saturday suggesting that the criminals had attacked them with knives.

The next day, Sunday, March 3, the couple thanked their followers for the support they had provided through comments and sharing. “Police are doing everything they can to catch the remaining suspects,” added CNN, which continues to contact tourists.

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Statement from the National Commission for Women of India

India's National Commission for Women (NCW) condemned the alleged attack. NCW President Rekha Sharma contacted the victim to offer support. This was reported by the same organization through their X account.

On his part, Jharkhand Minister Mithilesh Kumar Thakur termed the incident as a “condemnable incident”. “When a crime has been committed, the guilty are not forgiven,” he declared this Saturday, March 2nd.

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Other similar cases in 2013, 2016, 2018 and 2022

In 2013, six men were sentenced to life in prison for raping a Swiss tourist. After three years, a young American woman was drugged and sexually assaulted in a five-star hotel room in New Delhi. In 2018, the case of a British woman who was raped on the way to her hotel in the Indian tourist state of Goa came to light.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau of India, around 31,516 rape cases were reported in 2022; that's an average of 86 cases per day.

Unfortunately, despite protests, rape cases in India continue to rise, and victims and their advocates say the government is failing to protect women's rights.

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