1709550028 They didnt break up

“They didn’t break up”

They didnt break up

Candida Morvillo returns to the theme of Chiara Ferragni. The journalist, who collected the first words of the influencer for a public interview in Corriere della Sera, will be a guest on March 3rd in the episode of Zona Bianca, the evening television program of Rete4 with Giuseppe Brindisi as host, and brings a news about the Ferragnez: “The truth is that Ferragni and Fedez have not broken up. Everyone keeps talking about divorce, about the separation of assets, but she herself continued to confirm, as she had already said in Corsera, that there is a moment of alienation, a greater crisis than in the past, but she did not say that she was broken grew up or divorced.”

“It has to disappear, explanations are not convincing.” Capezzone destroys Ferragni

The writer Antonella Boralevi is also present in the studio in Brindisi to talk about Chiara Ferragni: “Humility is not one of the virtues she possesses. Since you have made your life public social content, we have the right to comment publicly. So it has to be said that in this interview with Fazio, the phrase “This is my way of being authentic” stood out to me. Well she has denied herself, there is no way to be authentic. Either you are or you aren't. Sincerity is the foundation of the relationship between followers and influencers. She lied, ok, the court will decide, but to dress up for a good cause she took a million euros. Aside from what he said about Pandoro, what really destroys the relationship of trust is the thing that Boralevi hammers: “If I do charity, I can't accept a million euros, I have to give away my painting for free, right? “