They report that it was Kate Middleton quotput into a

They report that it was Kate Middleton "put into a coma" And "intubated" after surgery

Although the exact reason for the surgery was not immediately revealed, it is believed that Prince William's wife reportedly underwent surgery Reattach the rectus abdominis According to reports from some media such as El Mundo de España, the two did not get back together after their three pregnancies.

According to the official version, the operation was a success and the British royal family announced that Middleton was expected Stay in hospital between 10 and 14 days in observation.

However, this Sunday, January 28, alarming details were released about what allegedly happened to the princess in the said operation.

Kate Middleton reportedly fell into a “coma.”

Journalist Concha Calleja has published unofficial information about Kate Middleton's health.

He did it through the show “Fiesta” on the Spanish channel Telecinco, where he allegedly assured that the princess She was “put into a coma” and “intubated.”

“Due to the complications that arose, the doctors had to make drastic decisions at the time. The decision was to put her in a coma. She had to be intubated. “These were serious complications that were not expected since the operation went well, but the postoperative period did not go so well,” explained the communicator.

According to information released on this weekend's broadcast, the alleged “complications led to moments of tension within the medical team to decide what was ultimately decided: to put her in a coma.”

“What I can't confirm is whether this continues, whether they waited for this fifteen-day trial,” the journalist added.

“His life was in great danger”“The concern in the royal family was palpable,” emphasized the journalist. It saved lives and I repeat: not because of the operation.”

In a previous broadcast of Fiesta, Calleja assured that he had “unofficially spoken to an assistant in the royal household” and allegedly told him this “Something went wrong postoperatively”.

The British royal family did not immediately comment after these claims emerged.

In the statement made by Kensington Palace to mark the announcement of the princess's operation, it stressed that Kate Middleton wanted her medical information to remain “private.”

Why did Kate Middleton have surgery?

The royal family has not provided any further details about why Kate Middleton underwent surgery.

“The truth about what happened, the truth about why she had surgery and why.” we won't find out unless the recovery does not progress sufficiently and then they will tell us the truth because we will see it,” the journalist added in “Fiesta”.

Kate Middleton's health

According to the BBC, she was hospitalized in 2012 for hyperemesis gravidarum. This is a severe form of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

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