“They took my Rolex away from me, they could have hurt me”

The investigators are investigating a gang The attack was said to have been carried out by a gang responsible for other attacks in the northern quadrant of the capital. As the investigators investigating the case know, the method is always the same: follow the victim and approach them at the right moment to steal the watch. And according to the reconstruction of “Il Messaggero”, this is exactly how it would have happened: a scooter drove towards Bruganelli and two people tore the watch from her wrist.

The end of the marriage to Paolo Bonolis Sonia Bruganelli and Paolo Bonolis, married since 2002, decided to tell Vanity Fair in June 2023 the reasons for their separation after denying the news of the end of their marriage spread by Dagospia. “There are no third parties or lovers involved. We are separated, yet more united than ever before. We will continue to be for our family and for each other. The feeling is strong, but it is no longer what brought us together.” “But it is just the beginning of a new life together.” They separate, but nothing will change between them, they continue to be “mom and dad be for the children and go on vacation together.” Bonolis and Bruganelli will also continue to kiss each other good morning on the lips. Bruganelli confessed: “I could no longer live enthusiastically about some of the things that are part of a couple's relationship. Since my father's death, I have projected the bond I had with him onto Paolo, who thus became a friend, a confidant. When.” We got engaged, I was 23 years old, I didn't have a degree yet, he was a man. Only with time and certain circumstances did we become aware of our differences. Paolo, for example, has always been very romantic and very passionate, unlike me, who is not at all. For his part, Bonolis said how he imagines himself and what he expects from the future of the former couple: “I just hope that there is no hatred, no resentment and no interference in other people's decisions. If you put a point, you start.” new paragraph. And none of the previous paragraphs can claim the exact conjugation of verbs and declension of words.

Bonolis-Bruganelli: “There are no third parties” They explained to the weekly that there were no third parties in their divorce, neither lovers nor lawyers: the two had been living in separate houses for some time and their everyday life, “since they are no longer husband and wife”, is probably already for this reason established. In the future, both say that the affection and feeling will remain unchanged, “26 years of life together is unrepeatable,” but they will not be able to be jealous of each other and vice versa.

Bruganelli, bags and Rolexes And ironically, Sonia Bruganelli responded succinctly about the end of the marriage between Blasi and Totti: “I have my bags and my Rolex,” while Bonolis made it clear that he preferred “other things in life.” Sonia also joked, explaining that Paolo “doesn’t want to pay me maintenance,” and Bonolis exploits the irony, repeating: “He’s eaten enough. Woody Allen said it: This man is starving from too much food.”