Third link the big rush –

Third link: the big rush –

So if we rely on the words of Pascal Paradis, the lawyer running for the PQ in the Jean Talon party process, The CAQ is preparing to officially draft the Plog for the third link.

We would have gone from the “LARGEST TUNNEL IN THE WORLD”, a tunnel so large that it would have been necessary to build a special tunnel boring machine to dig it, to two tunnels (one for cars, another for public transport) transitioned to a tunnel just for public transport, then to nothing.

No tunnel at all.

That’s what we call a nasty rush.

A couple thinks they’re having the best night of their lives, but then play a game of Mille Bornes because the guy messed it up…

“I’m sorry, it’s the first time this has happened to me… Hey, a flat tire! If you want to continue playing, you have to insert a spare tire card… We’re still having fun, right?”


Let’s assume it’s true.

Let’s assume that the CAQ is actually preparing to tell Quebecers that there will be no third connection.

Can you imagine how the Caquists must feel, like Bernard Drainville and Caroline St-Hilaire, risking their reputations to defend this project with all their might?

“Soldiers Drainville and St-Hilaire, I have to entrust you with a most important mission. A mission that will not only allow us to win the next elections, but also to destroy our opponents.

– What’s wrong, boss?

— They will say that the Third Link project is the most extraordinary idea that a Quebec premier has had since the construction of the Manic!

— Let’s see, boss… When we did radio and television, we always said it was complete nonsense! A useless and ridiculous pharaonic project!

– I don’t care! After all, only fools don’t change their minds! They will say that they saw the plans and that the seriousness of the project convinced them!

— But let’s see, boss…

– Who is the boss?

– It’s you, boss!

—Who are the soldiers?

– It’s us!

— Well, you will complete this mission without complaint! Come on, hop! Grab your bowl and spread the good news in your respective counties! Bernard, we’re waiting for you on the river bank tomorrow, you’re going to tell the journalists to stop bothering you about the damn CO2!

– Yes indeed!”


And so Bernard Drainville and Caroline St-Hilaire, after three times renouncing their sovereign convictions, once again changed their minds and supported a project they had criticized.

This is politics.

Should you climb a mountain? You’re climbing a mountain.

So when the fight is over and your reputation is in tatters, go back down the damn mountain because public opinion has changed overnight and the leader’s plans have changed.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we need the LARGEST TUNNEL IN THE WORLD! The future of Quebec is at stake!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we only need two medium-sized tunnels! The future of Quebec is at stake!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we just need a tunnel! The future of Quebec is at stake!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, for the future of Quebec, we have decided not to dig any more tunnels!”

Press, press, press…

The Environment Minister smokes well!

Almost 4 million from the Green Fund, a fund designed to help Quebec counteract the effects of climate change, was paid to cannabis producers.

What a great idea!

Not only is cannabis actually green, it is also environmentally friendly!

And the more our eyes freeze over, the more we forget the catastrophic effects of climate change on the planet!

When will the Green Fund support the SAQ?

As Bob Dylan sang, “Everybody Must Get Stoned!”

Protect pedophiles

People are shocked to see that a crowdfunding campaign was organized to help a trainer who claimed to have special spiritual powers exploit the vulnerability of young minors, gain control over them and attack them .

In fact, it is very shocking.

However, the Catholic Church, which has long protected pedophile priests around the world, also organizes fundraising events.

And what were these priests doing? They claimed to have special spiritual powers to exploit the vulnerability of young minors, gain control over them and attack them.


The more allegations Trump collects, the more he is dragged through the courts and the more popular he is with his base.

This is called manufacturing from Teflon.

This blindness shows that the ex-president’s supporters live in a parallel reality in which facts no longer have any meaning.

“In an unjust world, the place of an honest man is in prison,” said environmentalist and passionate advocate of civil disobedience Henry David Thoreau.

That’s what Trump fans say.

If we arrest your idol, it’s because he’s telling the truth and because he’s dangerous.

Like Jesus!

Les eaux seront plus agitees pour le Canadien lan prochain