1683950921 This essential and affordable controller is back on Amazon

This essential and affordable controller is back on Amazon – Frandroid

With the release of the Xbox Series Today, this wireless controller is on sale on Amazon, increasing the price from $59.99 to $49.99.

This essential and affordable controller is back on Amazon

While Sony rolled out a whole host of new things with the official PS5 controller, the DualSense, Microsoft didn’t see fit to change a winning formula. Some will find it a dated design, but it aims to maintain a look and feel that Microsoft teams say gamers know how to navigate. Players on Xbox, PC or any other platform have the opportunity to take advantage of this offer and get this wireless controller with a discount of 10 euros.

The Xbox Series Wireless Controller at a glance

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • High-end ergonomics
  • A new USB-C port

Instead of the usual 59.99 euros, the Xbox Series Wireless Controller (carbon black color) is now available from Amazon for 49.99 euros.

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Where can I buy this?
Microsoft Xbox Series Wireless Controller at the best price?

Always so ergonomic

As mentioned above, the Xbox Series Wireless Controller design hardly changes and looks the same as the Xbox One controller. We find the same curves, the vibration motors in the same places, the same positioning of the buttons and asymmetrical sticks, all in a controller with slightly reduced dimensions. We see there that Microsoft has listened to the criticism, we have criticized its controllers for not being suitable for children’s hands.

The great advantage of this wireless controller is its universal character, that is, it is compatible with a wide range of platforms: obviously with the Xbox Series and Xbox One consoles, but also with Windows 10, Android, iOS, on a smartphone, tablet and even your Smart TV. Some features, such as the share button, are not recognized on all platforms, but this will not affect your gaming experience.

Little news to report

This new generation of Microsoft controllers still brings its new features, such as the share button we just mentioned above. It allows you to take a screenshot or film your gameplay. It’s a small improvement, but welcome nonetheless. Another notable development is that of the directional cross. Like the Elite 2 controller, the D-pad has a circular shape, which gives it a more responsive feel.

The latest novelty of this controller is the presence of a USB-C port, which allows you to play wired or charge your controller’s battery or batteries. As I’m sure you understood, one thing hasn’t changed with these new controllers: the use of batteries to be able to play wirelessly using Bluetooth or the Xbox Wireless protocol. Despite everything, they offer a comfortable autonomy of several tens of hours.

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