This is how much Sebastian Martinez spent on Kathy Saenzs

This is how much Sebastián Martínez spent on Kathy Sáenz’s Mother’s Day gift Colombia

Sebastian Martinez he couldn’t be with his wife Kathy Saenz inside Mother’s Daywhich is why she decided to promote her gift with which she spared no expense as it was something the actress had always wanted.

The new protagonist of Canal RCN’s “Hasta que la plata nos separe” recorded and shared the moment he gave Kathy Sáenz the detail, which is a piece of jewelry that he had made with unique details to order actress size.

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The actress’ reaction was captured on video because when the actor took out the box with the gift, Sáenz responded: “Oh no, I’m dying! My shamrock, divine,” words confirming that the shamrock pendant has long been my desire.

This cost the gift of Sebastián Martínez Kathy Sáenz

In a post on his Instagram account, the jewelry company responsible for making the pendant explained that it is made of 18k white gold, with Colombian emeralds simulating shamrocks and black diamonds embedded between the emeralds, which are located on one Chain, which is also made of white gold.

According to the jewel, the value of the necklace is 3,790,000 pesos, a detail that, in the words of Sebastián Martínez, is more than deserved, beyond economic value, since he considers Sáenz to be “the best mother in the world” and that “she deserves everything”.

The actor doesn’t stop showing his affection Kathy SaenzWell, as he turned 50, he celebrated with a serenade, a moment captured on video for memory, where they both face to face singing “Si nos dejan” by the famous Mexican singer Luis Miguel.

After more than 10 years of dating, Martínez and Sáenz began their romance after meeting while recording a joint production. They later married in December 2008 after two years of courtship and the following year their only son, Amador, was born.