This is how Selena Gomez described her physical appearance and

This is how Selena Gómez described her physical appearance and the disease that affects her

Actress and singer Selena Gómez took to her Instagram Story to reflect on how her body has changed by comparing two photos taken 10 years apart.

“Today I realized I'll never look like this again,” she wrote alongside the first picture of her, taken in 2013 when she was 21, of her wearing a zebra-print bikini on vacation, BuzzFeedNews highlighted. com.

He then shared a second photo taken during his vacation in Mexico in 2023.

In this photo, Gomez showed off a high-waisted black bikini bottom with a white bikini top as she boarded a yacht from the sea.

The aforementioned media outlets emphasized that Selena has always been open about her body, especially after she was diagnosed with lupus in 2014.

Due to complications related to the condition, the actress underwent a kidney transplant in 2017 and has said since this year that a “combination” of these medical factors can cause “weight fluctuations.”

During a podcast in 2019, she explained, “I have lupus and I have kidney problems and high blood pressure, so I have a lot of health issues, and that's when I really noticed more things with my body image.”

On this occasion, he pointed out that his fluctuations depend on “what is happening in his life” and on the medications he takes to treat his illness.

Additionally, she admitted that it can be difficult to deal with public comments about her weight.

“It’s the medication I have to take for the rest of my life; To be honest, it even depends on the month,” explained Gómez.

He said: “It really hit me when people started attacking me for it. And really, that's just my truth. I’m wavering.”

“That really touched me,” he said about people’s comments about his character.

He then explained, “I don’t mind being out there and hearing what they have to say about it.”

Over the years, Selena has been praised for how open she has been about her experiences with lupus and how it affects her body image.

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