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“This is just the beginning of the dynasty”: Patrick Mahomes is not satisfied with the Chiefs’ success

LAS VEGAS | Patrick Mahomes didn't talk for long when asked about it Victory in Super Bowl LVIII if one were to consider the chiefs as a dynasty. “Yes, this is just the beginning,” he said bluntly.

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“We are not finished yet. I know we'll celebrate tonight [dimanche] and Wednesday at the Kansas City parade, but it's not over yet. “We are a young team and we will keep going,” he said.

The Chiefs have won the Super Bowl the last two seasons and three of the last five years, but the Chiefs quarterback is clearly still hungry.

Many will say that Mahomes falls into arrogance when he expresses himself in this way, but he instead insists that this is the mentality he learned from the best.

“After the celebrations, I would like to start working so that we can try to achieve third place in a row.

“Tom Brady said it best. From the moment you win a championship, attend the parade, and receive your ring, you are no longer a champion. This is the mentality that needs to be adopted. “That’s what I learned from the best in history and that’s my mindset,” he said.

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Another season

This season, the Chiefs have not flown over the league like they have in the past. Since the decisive loss to the Detroit Lions, we felt like this team was more vulnerable than in recent years.

A streak of four losses in six games between November 20 and December 25 also suggested that this wasn't the Chiefs' year. And yet!

“I hope people remember not only the excellence, but how we got there,” Mahomes said.

“I know a lot of people are tired of winning with the same team, but we have fun, we work hard and even though it's not always pretty, we fight until the end. “That adversity prepared us for the playoffs.”

Reid was more reserved

“This is just the beginning of the dynasty”: Patrick Mahomes is not satisfied with the Chiefs’ success

Andy Reid continues to emerge as one of the best coaches in NFL history. AFP

For his part, head coach Andy Reid, like a good fox, did not want to comment on the perception that the football world should have of the Chiefs.

“Winning two years in a row is surreal. It's rare, but I don't know what makes a dynasty. They are the ones who make this kind of definition,” he said in an interview with journalists.

“What I do know is that there were ups and downs and I’m proud that everyone persevered. The young people have grown up and no one alerted them to the attack when they got into trouble.”

The victory of the defense

Of course, Mahomes still played a key role in the Super Bowl victory, staging a game-winning drive in overtime to overcome a 10-point deficit.

However, it was the defense that held up for much of the season.

“There has been a lot of adversity and growth on this team. That’s the most remarkable thing about this season,” said star tackle Chris Jones.

Painful for the 49ers

“This is just the beginning of the dynasty”: Patrick Mahomes is not satisfied with the Chiefs’ success


Apparently the mood among the devastated 49ers wasn't exactly celebratory. Especially since it is the Chiefs' second defeat in the Super Bowl in four years.

“Everyone is suffering in this locker room,” summed up head coach Kyle Shanahan, completely disappointed.

Ball carrier Christian McCaffrey found a way to scramble for a costly fumble on goal in his team's first offensive sequence. He still finished with 80 yards on the ground and 80 yards through the air.

“I have no right to drop the ball like that. “It hurts and it’s my fault,” he whispered. It hurts so bad. It’s a childhood dream and we’re so close to achieving it.”

“Several guys are quiet at the moment. We have the team that can win and we failed. We wanted so much,” commented quarterback Brock Purdy.