This is the most influential South American country in the

This is the most influential South American country in the world: it has surpassed Uruguay and Chile

On the global stage, a South American country has become the most influential in the world, surpassing countries like Uruguay and Chile. This achievement reflects its ability to exercise “soft power,” which is the ability of a state to influence other countries through attraction or persuasion (culture, economy, foreign policy, quality of life, etc.). to avoid the use of force or coercion.

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The prominent presence of this country in the Global Soft Power Index 2023, prepared by Brand Finance, consolidates its leadership position in the region and demonstrates the effectiveness of its foreign and trade policies.

Which is the most influential South American country in the world?

Is about Brazil. This country achieved a score of 46.2 out of 100 and, although it has moved from 28th to 31st place compared to the 2022 rankings, it is still the highest ranked country in South America.

Brazil's strongest pillar is the culture and heritage factor, as it ranks 9th in the world in this regard, as it continues to be perceived as a “leader in sports”, “influential in arts and entertainment” and with a great gastronomic offer of “food”. will the world love.

This is the most influential South American country in the In the ranking of the most influential countries in the world, Brazil takes 31st place. Photo: Capture Brand Finance

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Based on the same index, these are the other South American countries that are best positioned among the world's most influential countries:

  • Argentina(position 42)
  • chili (54th place)
  • Colombia(58th place)
  • Uruguay (63rd place)
  • Peru (73rd place)
  • Bolivia (83rd place)

It is important to highlight that Brand Finance conducts its analysis based on a survey of 100,000 active participants in 101 markets, taking into account aspects such as business and commercial activities, international relations, culture and historical heritage.

According to international rankings, which is the most influential country in the world?

Globally, the ranking is led by the United States, which was ranked as the country with the greatest influence at the scientific and educational levels. In addition, it stands out in the index for its good international relations as well as its strong and stable economy, which has allowed it to boost foreign trade.

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The United Kingdom takes second place, immediately followed by Germany, Japan, China, France, Canada and Switzerland. All 8 countries scored high marks in the areas of awareness, reputation, business and investment.

1708101562 907 This is the most influential South American country in the Global ranking. Photo: Capture Brand Finance

At the opposite extreme, among the ten least advantaged countries in the study, two are from Latin America: Trinidad and Tobago at number 111 and Guatemala at the lowest point at number 120.

Other Latin American countries appearing on the list include Panama at number 70; Dominican Republic, 81; Costa Rica, 72; Honduras, 104; Jamaica with 99 and Cuba with 111.