This was the confrontation between the Vinotinto and PNP players

This was the confrontation between the Vinotinto and PNP players at the end of the game

For the sixth date of qualification, the Peru vs. Venezuela match has attracted attention in both countries both on and off the field, precisely after the moment when the Vinotinto football players and the Peruvian National Police (PNP) after the conclusion of the sporting event clashed in the 2026 qualifiers. Below you will find all the details and reactions on social networks, where abuse of power, xenophobia and more controversial allegations are reported. What really happened? Find out below.

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Check out the confrontation between the PNP and the Venezuelan team players after the draw against Peru

According to the clips that have gone viral all over the internet, especially in TikTok and “X” (formerly Twitter)It can be seen that the incident begins immediately after the final whistle of the match between the Venezuelan team and the Peruvian team, which ended in a 1-1 draw.

In the pictures you can see how the Venezuelan players Salomón Rondón, Yeferson Soteldo, Nahuel Ferraresi and others skip the separation between the field and the stands to communicate more closely with their fans and give them their T-shirts; But when that happens, everything spirals out of control PNP He tries to avoid this act and pushes the visiting footballers with their backs against the railing.

As can be seen, the agents tried to get the Venezuelan teams to return to the field and an urgent gesture from one of those in charge, as well as a surreptitious slap from one of the players, finally triggered the situation, which developed into another confusing one. , with clear signs of violence on both sides.

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¿Nahuel Ferraresi PNP abuse of power denounced at the National Stadium?

The incident was reported by users of both Peruvian nationality and Venezuelan citizens, who rejected the violent response of the police at a sporting and festival event. However, they would also show that some of the players in the red wine They reacted with the same intensity to the apparent repression, which was also condemned by the Bicolor fans.

Meanwhile, one of the protagonists is not seen attacking or reacting PNP In the clips, he appeared confused by the Peruvian authorities’ response, reporting that he had two fingers injured in the middle of the confrontation and regretting the actions of law enforcement even though they just wanted to be close to the people they supported and who, far from their country, see hope in them.

This was the confrontation between the Vinotinto and PNP playersUsers react on social networks after confrontation between players from Venezuela and PNP. Photo: LR/’X’ composition

“First of all, these are things that shouldn’t happen. The game ended and we left to thank the Venezuelan people.”Salomon RondonHe wants to give up his shirt and I go after him. When I want to tell people about it, the police stop me. One man stopped me well, but others got angry and took out their sticks to beat us. At least I, who was on the other side of the fence, was hit twice. They hit me twice and broke me a little, but nothing serious,” he said in his version of events. Nahuel Ferraresi.

“These are things that shouldn’t happen at a football game. “You have to come to have fun and have a good time. We already know what happened and we hope they can do something to prevent it from happening again,” the player added red wine.

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