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This was the wedding of Kiko Marcos, Niurka's eldest son

Yesterday one of the biggest dreams of Niurkasee that you are married oldest son, Kiko Marcos who, after 10 years of courtship, finally married Kimi Ishiwara in a ritual ceremony in Yucatán, where they were in the company of the Cuban woman, the bride and groom's family and one or two celebrities. This is how life was lived Wedding.

Kiko and Kimi have been together for 10 years. Photo: Instagram

It's been more than a year and a half since Kiko and Kimi announced their engagement, but for one reason or another their wedding didn't take place until this weekend, so the couple decided to hold the wedding ceremony at a hacienda in the state of Mérida, Yucatán , the city where Niurka has lived for four years. However, this was the first region he came to when he left his native Cuba about 30 years ago to try his luck in our country.

Romina, Kiko's sister, was among the family members who shared early photos and videos of preparations for the ceremony, which took place a few hours before dark.

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Thanks to the stories of Romi, as he is artistically called, we were able to confirm that the color of the night was green, since not only Kiko wore an olive green suit, but also his sister, the star and most of the guests wore green dresses different colours.

Kiko Marcos married at the age of 31. Photo: Instagram

Romina Marcos shows off the outfit she wore to her brother's wedding. Photo: Instagram

Niurka and her daughter Romina pose during Kiko Marcos' wedding. Photo: Instagram

In Kimi's case, the bride, known as a content creator on social networks, wore her hair up in a bun and a flowing white dress, which she changed at the time of the celebration.

Kimo Ishiwaia, wife of Kiko Marcos. Photo: Instagram

When the couple arrived at the altar, Emilio Osorio, the youngest of Niurka's children, appeared with a basket of white flower petals, which he scattered on the floor around the lovers.

Emilio Osorio and his participation in the wedding of his brother and Kimi Ishiwaia. Photo: Instagram

The singer was accompanied by his current partner, the influencer Leslie Gallardo.

Emilio Osorio and his new girlfriend Leslie Gallardo at his brother Kiko's wedding. Photo: Instagram

But before Kimi and Kiko toasted the love that bound them together, they listened to a speech from a shaman class who spoke to them about the meaning of love and commitment; In return, the newlyweds had time to take their vows.

Here are some of the words that 31-year-old Kiko dedicated to Kimi:

“By your side, I have become a kinder, more empathetic, more sociable person who gives more love.”

Emilio Osorio moved during his older brother Kiko's wedding. Photo: Instagram

Romi and Emilio, his younger brothers, were touched at that moment as they shed tears hearing how in love their brother is.

After saying “I do,” the newlyweds walked down the aisle to the tune of “Over the rainbow,” performed by American musician Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.

Kiko and Kimi got married after being engaged for more than a year. Photo: Instagram

Niurka was another of the guests who showed how happy she was as she shared a series of stories with many of them referring to Kimi as “another daughter.”

The star had a glass of wine in her hand throughout the celebration and after a few hours of dancing, she decided to take a sip of tequila, which Emilio passed to each guest from table to table.

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As the night began, “Mama Niu” released a video with the signature comedy in which she recognized that alcohol and its intoxicating effects had already taken effect.

“I tell them what the weather is like; “I’m 50 percent a pedophile and 50 percent a pee,” he said with a laugh.

Niurka, during Kiko and Kimi's wedding celebration. Photo: Instagram

He also showed off the surroundings and interiors of the hacienda, which meant that the family had spared no expense to celebrate the wedding as the design and decoration of the bathroom was so elegant that he even joked with the idea of ​​it being so It would have been better if the vows were celebrated in the boudoir.

And although the bride and groom usually spend the next morning alone, this is not the case in Kimo and Kiko's case as both Romi, Niurka and Emilio continue to enjoy their marital union.

Kiko and Kimi the morning after their wedding. Photo: Instagram

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