Thousands of explosions One dead and one injured in fire

“Thousands of explosions”: One dead and one injured in fire in e-cigarette shop

A major fire broke out at an electronic cigarette store near Detroit on Monday evening, killing a 19-year-old man who was just a few hundred meters away from the fire.

According to NBC News, the tens of thousands of electronic cigarettes inside the store exploded one by one, sending debris more than a kilometer away.

One of the projectiles hit the victim in the head and he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

A firefighter was also injured when debris flew through the window of his vehicle and hit him in the face.

“This is by far the largest fire I have ever seen in 25 years,” Clinton Township Fire Chief Tim Duncan said at a news conference. The building is almost completely destroyed by the flames.”

“Firefighters had difficulty getting there due to the hundreds, if not thousands, of explosions that occurred,” he continues.

The fire was finally extinguished around 11 p.m. Monday evening, the New York Post reports.

The cause of this is not yet clear as authorities continue to investigate the incident.

Watch footage of the fire and explosions in the video above