Threatened with exclusion at his trial I would like that

Threatened with exclusion at his trial: “I would like that,” says Donald Trump

“I would like that,” Donald Trump responded after Judge Lewis Kaplan threatened to throw him out of the courtroom for disrupting his defamation trial.

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Actually It Lawyer. Jean Carroll's Shawn Crowley said Trump was heard commenting during his testimony, saying things like “It's a witch hunt” and “This is really a scam,” CNN reports.

“Mr. Trump has the right to be here. That right can be revoked, and it can be revoked if what was reported to me is disturbing. “If he doesn't comply with the court orders, Mr. Trump, hopefully I won't have to worry about it “I'm thinking about excluding you from the trial,” Judge Kaplan responded, to which the former American president raised his hands in the air in response.

“I understand that you are probably anxious for me to do this,” the judge said.

“I would like that,” said Donald Trump.

The former American president, who is currently on trial for libel against author E. Jean Carroll, who also accused him of sexual assault in 1990, is currently the subject of at least six civil and criminal lawsuits.

In her statement, the author said: “I'm here because I was attacked by Donald Trump and when I wrote about it he said it never happened. “He lied and destroyed my reputation.”