Three American soldiers killed in a drone strike For Jordan

Three American soldiers killed in a drone strike: For Jordan, the attack took place in Syria

Joe Bien said this Sunday, January 28, that the American army was the target of an attack in northeastern Jordan by “radical pro-Iranian militants operating in Syria and Iraq.” Amman denies.

The President of the United States announced on Sunday, January 28, that three American soldiers were killed and many more injured in a drone strike “last night” – at least 34 are under medical observation for possible head injuries, according to an American official. Forces stationed in northeastern Jordan near the Syrian border. Some injured people were being evacuated from the Jordanian base for medical reasons, two American officials told Portal. The Pentagon has not yet revealed the nature of the injuries sustained, but brain damage is common after a large explosion.

Joe Biden claimed it was an attack by “radical pro-Iranian fighters operating in Syria and Iraq.” He also threatened those responsible with reprisals. This is the first time that American soldiers have been killed in the Middle East since the war between Israel and Hamas began.

For his part, the spokesman for the Jordanian government assures that the attack did not take place on Jordanian soil, but in Syria against the American base in Al-Tanf. According to state media, the incident occurred on the border between the two countries. Amman said no Jordanian border guards were injured in the attack, state media also reported.

After the attack was announced, a Hamas spokesman, Sami Abou Zahri, stated that the deaths of these three soldiers were “a message to the American government: “The continuation of American-Zionist aggression in Gaza risks a regional explosion.” due to the anger of “the entire” Muslim world.

Flammable background

Between the war in Gaza and the numerous attacks between Iran and its allies in the region on the one hand (Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.) and Israel, the United States and their partners on the other, these American deaths occur in a combustible context. Since mid-October, more than 150 drone strikes or rocket attacks have targeted American and coalition soldiers in Iraq and Syria. These attacks, which have so far killed no American soldier, are generally claimed by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a fog of fighters from pro-Iranian armed groups.

Washington responded with targeted attacks in Iraq, with Iran and the United States repeating that they did not want a regional explosion. Further south, since early January, Washington has repeatedly bombed positions in Yemen belonging to the Houthis, pro-Iranian rebels who target international maritime traffic in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The United States even asked China this week to lobby Tehran to end these attacks, which have seriously disrupted global trade.

At the same time, Israel, a US ally, has intensified its attacks against the Syrian regime and pro-Iranian groups in the neighboring country. On its northern border there are also regular exchanges of fire with the Lebanese Hezbollah, which is very close to Iran.

To update : Addition at 6:05 p.m. of the number of injured; at 6:20 p.m. Jordanian comments confirming the attack took place in Syria; at 7 p.m. for more context.