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TI and his wife Tiny Harris are accused in a new lawsuit of drugging and sexually abusing a woman in 2005

By Christine Rendon for Dailymail.com, January 3, 2024, 6:25 p.m., updated January 3, 2024, 6:35 p.m

A woman has filed a lawsuit against TI and his wife Tiny Harris, accusing them of drugging and sexually abusing her in 2005.

The woman claimed she had a drink from Tiny at a club before ending up in a hotel room with the couple, where Tiny rubbed her and TI penetrated her vaginally with his toe, despite her telling him “no” how according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

The plaintiff, who filed the lawsuit under “Jane Doe,” said she was a member of the U.S. Air Force and stationed in Los Angeles at the time of the alleged assault. She is suing the couple for sexual assault, assault, negligence and false imprisonment.

Tiny, 48, and TI, 43, denied the allegations in a statement provided to the media outlet, claiming they had been denying the allegations for three years. The allegations are similar to those the couple faced from a military member in 2021. However, it is unknown whether the new lawsuit involves the same incident. Ultimately, no charges were filed against the couple because the incident fell outside the 10-year statute of limitations.

“After positivity, negativity always rears its ugly head.” “This plaintiff has been threatening to file this lawsuit for THREE years,” the couple said in their statement to TMZ. “For THREE years we have emphatically and categorically rejected these allegations. For THREE years we have maintained our innocence and refused to pay these extortionate demands for things we did not do. For THREE years we have held the same position while the claims in this story have continued to change. Our position is clear… We are innocent of these false allegations, we will not be defeated and we look forward to our day in court.”

A woman has filed a lawsuit against TI and his wife Tiny Harris, accusing them of drugging and sexually abusing her in 2005; TI and Tiny pictured in 2019

DailyMail.com has reached out to the couple's representatives for comment.

In the lawsuit, the woman claims she was at a party with a friend at rapper Coolio's house, where they met a person named “Caviar” who claimed to work for TI and Tiny.

While TI and Tiny were not present at the party, Caviar told plaintiff that the couple would be at a nightclub in Los Angeles the following evening.

She allegedly met the couple in the VIP section of the club the next evening. The plaintiff claims she got two Amaretto Sours before allegedly getting another drink from Tiny.

The plaintiff claims she did not see Tiny drinking the drink. Jane Doe ended up sharing the drink with her friend.

Later, when TI was ready to leave, he allegedly asked plaintiff to ride with him and Tiny. Her friend eventually left with Caviar, who told her that they were all headed to the same destination.

Two other women eventually joined the accuser and the couple in an SUV. The plaintiff did not know who the other women were and they all went to a hotel room.

Finally, the other two women were allegedly kicked out by Tiny after one of them flirted too much with TI and the plaintiff was left alone with Tiny and TI

The accuser was taken to the bathroom by Tiny, where she allegedly removed her and the plaintiff's clothing. TI, now naked, met her in the bathroom and they took a shower together.

Tiny and TI pictured in 2005

After the shower, the plaintiff felt light-headed and incredibly dizzy. According to the documents, she lay down on the bed at TI's instructions.

TI began watching porn and allegedly demanded that plaintiff rub him with massage oil he had given her.

They were later joined by Tiny, who, according to the plaintiff, had pushed her onto her stomach. The plaintiff claims a naked Tiny rubbed and rubbed her body against the plaintiff's body.

During this time, the plaintiff alleged that TI used his toe to penetrate her vagina. She claims she said “no” to TI and tried to push him away.

The accuser claimed TI then stood up and told her he was grabbing a condom. She ended up going to the toilet to throw up.

The plaintiff claims that TI mockingly laughed at her and said, “Are you okay?” Looks like you're in last place.'

The couple pictured in January 2020

The accuser claims she passed out and was woken up by a security guard the next morning. She claims that her “vagina was in severe pain” (itching and burning), but the security guard asked her to leave.

She claims she was escorted out by the security guard while Tiny and TI were asleep in bed.

Billboard reports that the lawsuit states, “Plaintiff did not consent to any of the sexual assault or misconduct and was unable to consent after being drugged by Defendants.”

Although the incident allegedly occurred in 2005, the woman decided to file suit now due to California's Sexual Abuse Accountability and Cover-Up Act, which allows alleged victims of sexual assault to file suit even if the statute of limitations has expired is.

TI and Tiny's attorney told TMZ, “Not only are the claims false, they missed the deadline to file the lawsuit.”

The couple have previously denied sexual assault allegations made against them.

In January 2021, TI addressed the “outrageous allegations” in an Instagram video titled “No weapon formed against us will prosper.” We vehemently deny ALL of these vile, anonymous allegations.'

He suggested that he and his wife had consensual sex with other people in their relationship, but that no one was ever forced into anything they didn't want to do.

“Whatever we did, we did it with consenting adults who are into what we like and like what we like,” he said in the video. “If we want something, we know exactly where to get it.”

“We don't force anyone, we don't drug anyone against their will, we don't hold anyone against their will, we don't force anyone to do anything, we never traffic in anything – well.” “Sex trafficking,” the rapper added. “I’ve never raped anyone, I’ve never raped anyone.”