Tiberio Timperi the presenter39s beautiful ex wife theWise Magazine

Tiberio Timperi, the presenter's beautiful ex wife theWise Magazine

We try to reveal some details about the life of Tiberio Timperi's ex-wife. A beautiful woman who has a very special attitude.

Rai presenter Tiberio Timperi, despite the gaffes and bad performances of late, has always managed to get by with a smile and cheer up the audience that adores him. Sometimes live broadcasts can lead to unforeseeable errors, and he knows this all too well, having made many of them throughout his long career. However, Tiberio Timperi always had wonderful women at his side, both during his various presenting roles (like Anna Falchi recently on I Fatti Voir) and in his private life.

Who is Tiberio Timperi's ex-wife?Let's try to get to know Timperi's ex-wife (Photo: Ansa) – Thewisemagazine.it

Many remember his ex-wife, a charming woman with whom he also had a son, Daniele. Unfortunately, the relationship between the two was quite fleeting and didn't last very long. However, recently the host seems to have found a new love, also because several years have passed since his divorce from Orsola Gazzaniga.

The two spent their high school years together from 2002 to 2005 as the Rai presenter was born in 1964. Their marriage seems to have ended in the worst possible way And according to the man's statements (Today.it), it won't be that easy for him to open up to a romantic relationship again. Unfortunately, not much is known about Orsola Gazzaniga because the woman is very reserved, perhaps due to the disastrous end with her ex-husband.

What is known about his ex-wife?

In recent years the media has always tried to reveal some details about Orsola Adele Gazzaniga, but with very little success. However, it seems certain that I've never worked in the entertainment worldunlike her ex-husband, who has been popular on screen since the late 1980s.

Timperi's ex-wife is very privateThe confidentiality of Tiberio Timperi's ex-wife (Photo: Ansa) – Thewisemagazine.it

It also appears that Orsola Gazzaniga was 38 years old when she married Tiberio Timperi. Given the woman's utmost confidentiality, it is always better to use the conditional. From the few photos that can be found online but not on social media as he doesn't appear to have any profiles, She just seems like a very charming girl.

What is known about her is that during the long phase of the divorce she fought hard to ensure that her reasons were respected before the judge. As a matter of fact, Tiberio Timperi was also convicted of libelon the topic of missed meetings with his son (roma.corriere.it).

He seems to have particularly suffered from this long legal battle, as well as the divorce battle, but the host knows how to get back on his feet (especially thanks to the work he's doing to make his dream come true leave), especially by taking an example from his latest slip-up in the live broadcast, in which he is cheered up with a broad smile.