TikTok They break into an NBA stadium

TikTok: They break into an NBA stadium

To get views on TikTok, two teenagers broke into the construction site of the future NBA Clippers stadium in Inglewood, California.

In the video shared on the social network, we see the two young people filming themselves running through the new Intuit Dome before stopping at the basketball court to shoot some baskets. One of the two young men then emptied a fire extinguisher in the field. At the end of the video they appear to be on the roof of the building.

After experiencing their small moment of fame, the two teenagers must answer for their actions, said Inglewood Mayor James E. Butts in an interview with ABC7.

“It will be very clear to these young men – and the people who follow TikTok – that on TikTok you experience a moment of greatness followed by a little misery. And that’s why we don’t play with these things,” he said, adding that the two teenagers have been identified.

It wouldn't be the first time that these two young people have produced a video of this kind. The latter is said to have entered SoFi Stadium and the Dodger.

“Construction sites are a nuisance and attract children and people who want to steal tools. The fact is that this is what happens when you build a major project,” emphasized the mayor.