1706526597 Time to report

Time to report

Time to report

I would like to publicly thank José Coronado for establishing the exact time at which a woman must report a sexual assault. The autumnal heartthrob had it so clearly visible on the Feroz carpet that it seems as if he brought it with him from home. However, I noticed cracks in his words. A woman goes to the house of a film director who goes through life like a teddy bear, and suddenly the man gets a sirocco and it becomes a delicate Guantánamo of sexual Macumba. Maybe he misinterpreted it or left some crying and others shaking in the wind. Let's assume that this woman (who, as is usual in life, is not the only one) goes to the hospital and then to the police to report the case, with a total of zero witnesses. His word is in contrast to the word of a respected man whom people revere. Do you know how many doors would be closed? Do you know how many people would say, “I don't know, I wasn't there?” Do you know how many times she was accused of getting what she deserved? Of course they know.

A woman can be attracted to a man and also want a job. And she doesn't deserve to be raped. A woman may be attracted to a man and admire his work. She doesn't deserve to be raped. A woman may even be repulsed by a man and then enter into sexual relations with him in the hope of gaining an advantage. She doesn't deserve to be raped either. Reading some (many) of the reactions to the report published last Friday, I fully understand that they have neither reported on it before nor wanted to give their names. And even though they had everything to lose, they did it. They claim they were sexually abused and you who “fully support the victims” (you know who I mean) have done nothing but throw stones at them, better than reporting it or it to tell the newspaper what you would like. It is preferable that they remain silent.

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