TIROLEAN DAILY NEWSPAPER "editorial" February 18, 2023 by Christian Jentsch "A long buried hope"

Innsbruck (OTS) – This year’s Munich Security Conference is about Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine. And an uncertain future that generates nervousness and aggression.

A week before the first anniversary of the start of Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, dozens of heads of state and government, foreign ministers and security experts gathered again yesterday in Munich for a three-day exchange at the luxury Bayerischer hotel. hof. But this year everything is different. The security conference became a war conference. A war is raging in Europe and nobody knows when and how it will end. In an effort to help Ukraine, the Munich Security Conference becomes something of an exchange of arms. From whom is Kiev receiving more military support, and after the promised delivery of main battle tanks, fighters, long-range missiles or warships will be delivered to Ukraine? It’s about red lines and crossing them. It’s about the question of when NATO will openly become a war party – and how far Kremlin chief Putin can and will go.
Furthermore, it is anything but clear where the announced tipping point should lead and who will lead in a new world order that is not yet predictable. It is far from clear whether democracy and the rule of law will survive – even in the West. And playing with the values ​​propagated repeatedly in Sunday political speeches often turns into hypocrisy. But one thing is certain: in the shadow of fear, nervousness and aggression increase. Not just with regard to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
The saber rattling between the US and China is also getting louder. The two world powers are increasingly on a collision course, despite close economic ties. The danger is growing that a kind of cold war will turn into a hot war. And how quickly an irritation can get out of hand was recently shown in the case involving the mysterious flying objects in the sky over the US. The US spoke of a full-scale spying attack, only to backtrack a bit. On the other hand, Beijing accuses Washington of deliberately stoking new tensions. And it is no longer willing to recognize America’s sole leadership role. Distrust runs deep on both sides.
There can be no doubt about the end of history prophesied by the American political scientist Francis Fukuyama after the collapse of the Soviet Union. On the contrary, there is again much talk about the battle of the systems and the quest for leadership on the world stage. Hope for a more peaceful world has long been buried.

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