Tiziano Ferro and Mahmood there is a connection that unites

Tiziano Ferro and Mahmood, there is a connection that unites them: the detail that does not escape what there is between them

Tiziano Ferro and Mahmood have something very special in common: the unexpected news about the two singers.

No one would have expected that there would actually be a connection between the two most famous singers in the local singing scene, but apparently it's all true. Let's find out what has emerged in the last few hours.

the unexpected announcement of Tiziano Ferro and Mahmood that makes fans dream ilciriaco.it-fonte Instagram@tizianoferro-@mahmood

Truly unprecedented news has left fans of Tiziano Ferro and Mahmood speechless. It's not just about the passionate passion for music, the stage, concerts or the success of their most famous songs. Here's what just happened between two of the most heard voices in Italian music.

Tiziano Ferro and Mahmood, the unexpected news about the connection between the two famous Italian singers

As you may know Mahmood is one of the names of the present. In fact, the artist appeared on stage at the Sanremo Festival and brought with him a song that climbed the charts of all streaming platforms the day after his first performance. It's a captivating piece, and it really is Radio killer. The name of his hit is gold suit, and what really impressed the audience, in addition to the lyrics and the melody, was the dance that the singer performed on the stage of the Ariston Theater and which is also shown in the official video of the song.

A dance by the talented dance group Tuta Gold that immediately went viral with its infectious energy. But what a blow, And what amazes even more is the audience that follows the artist?

the connection between Tiziano Ferro and Mahmood ilciriaco.it-fonte Instagram@tizianoferro-@mahmood

Apparently Mahmood shares something very important with Tiziano Ferro: And it's not just about fame, celebrity and the audience's love for these two very talented Italian voices. Apparently there is something else. In fact, in the last few hours they have appeared on the official social profiles of Tiziano Ferro and Mahmood very special stories that revealed the origin of this special bond.

It appears that Tiziano Ferro and Mahmood chose the same location to shoot their official video. When they realized this, they enthusiastically decided to do something together and give this song a title that could be created from the fusion of their iconic pieces. It will be like this for Tiziano Ferro Dark nights and for Mahmood it will be the brand new song Gold suit. You've already thought about what the name could be Golden evenings or Black suitand ironically announced to fans that everything had already been decided except for the final title of the next track with.