“To dismiss it as ‘I don’t even know him’ is reductive and insulting.”

Tomaso Trussardi reacted with irritation to the statement from Chiara Ferragni's entourage. “They don't even know each other, they only met once during a fashion show five/6 years ago,” one said Spokesperson for Chiara Ferragni's team after rumors began circulating about one of them possible relationship between the two.

“Insulting words.” And post photos together

But the disgruntled entrepreneur preferred to present his version in the stories of his Instagram profile: “I have to say, there was always a relationship of professional appreciation and sympathy (…).” To dismiss all of this with “I don’t even know him” is reductive and insulting compared to a professional past that deserves its proper dimension.”

Trussardi posts a long text in which he confirms that he has known Ferragni and his family for many years: “As she was a simple but talented “blogger” who still struggled to get invited to fashion shows. “We, on the other hand,” continues the entrepreneur from Bergamo, “have always believed in her (like Valentina Ferragni, who also worked closely with us). In fact, they have always spontaneously participated in our initiatives (…).” Shortly afterwards, again on Instagram and Facebook, the businessman I posted a few photos which show how Ferragni was present at past Trussardi events. One of them in particular concerns a Trussardi spring/summer 2016 fashion show: they are presented together.

“Harassing Ansa – claims Trussardi – about a tsunami in the glass is quite bizarre. Maybe his press office ate too much panettone… You're not doing it right.

The Swiss showgirl lived a love story with the surgeon from Sassari, the former Gieffino Giovanni Angiolini, with whom she started dating after a few months, while rumors about it began to circulate in March of the same year The fashion entrepreneur had found solace in a special friend: Chiara Ferragni. The Ferragnez supporters were alarmed because, as so often in moments of crisis, Chiara and Fedez They have not posted any photos together on social media, like in old times. And for this reason there were already those who suspected a possible crisis between the influencer and the rapper. The doubt was hinted at by the weekly newspaper Oggi, revealing how Fedez “would have been jealous of the friendship between his wife and the scion of a famous fashion house.” the separation”. The third wheel seemed to be Tomaso himself, who separated from the blonde showgirl a few weeks ago.

“No woman next to me”

Conjectures and conjectures about the development of a close friendship were circulating in the living rooms of Milan. Rumors that had been following each other for weeks. Trussardi had denied it. «“There was and is no new woman next to me,” he told Corriere della Sera. You have attributed flirtations of all kinds to me, the truth is that I temporarily feel unsuitable for any kind of relationship with a woman other than Michelle Hunziker. After such an important story, we can't start over again as if nothing had happened.” Now there is a new rumor that brings him closer to Chiara Ferragni with the denial of her entourage. Only this time, Trussardi, known for his reserved characterHe didn't like the tone and spoke up (via Instagram).