Today I saw my father smile Arlindinho said of the

“Today I saw my father smile,” Arlindinho said of the storyline and Império Serrano’s tribute to Arlindo Cruz

“Today I saw my father smile,” said Arlindinho after Império Serrano’s save

Arlindinho spoke with great emotion about what he felt when he honored his father Arlindo Cruz on Sunday evening (19) in Sapucaí. With the theme “Lugares de Arlindo”, Império Serrano, who returned to the Special Group this year, paid tribute to the sambista.

“Today I saw my father smile, improve his face, a lighter face. I think this thing of taking the body with the samba, this oath of sambista, is very important. His presence here is very important,” said the musician’s son.

Arlindinho recalled sometimes thinking his father shouldn’t take part in the parade.

“Other times I thought he had it. But I see how he feels that energy here, mainly the way he interacts with us. He’s always shown himself to be very positive about being here. The guy who donated so much to Empire, who taught me how to be Empire. The father who is the father who does his best,” he said.

Experienced in the world of samba, singer Arlindinho took a different position during the school’s parade. Because the artist, used to greeting big names on the avenue tonight, was part of the tribute.

The Madureira School brought “Lugares de Arlindo” as this year’s theme. “I’ve never been on the front committee, especially in such a high place. The heart is with Império Serrano, we always hope it returns in the parade of champions, but okay, let’s try to get the bi from the big ones Rio,” said the Bamba’s son.

“Front commission raised Sapucaí”: Arlindinho speaks on the parade of the Serrano empire