1653089291 Today is another day Carlotta Bertotti speaks about the disease

Today is another day, Carlotta Bertotti speaks about the disease: “Blue freckles in an eye sphere”

We talk about it in Silvia Bortone’s living room body positivity. Guest on the episode of Today is Another Day Carlotta Bertotti, young 22 year old influencer sharing her story illness: the nevus of Ota. “It’s hyperpigmentation Skin-you are blue freckles: are found in the ball eye and part of the face, but it does not represent a health problem for me, I have no pain ».

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During the interview, Carlotta Bertotti explained: «We have to accept that change find something solutions comfortable to get off hometown. I saw myself differently than the others children and boys. i found the make up to cover it with a deep makeup to cover everything ».

And when asked by the presenter if she’s ever felt judged, Carlotta replied: “Nobody ever told me anything, it was an insecurity personal”. The moment she decided to make a point and show herself naturally was in high school. “I went back to hometown was the trick cracked and I realized that this path was no longer paying me happy. I’ve decided to radically change my style see me“.

Last updated: Friday 20 May 2022 17:05