1674638370 Todays horoscope January 25 2023 Virgo and Sagittarius feel wrong

Today’s horoscope January 25, 2023: Virgo and Sagittarius feel wrong

In today’s horoscope, Wednesday, January 25, 2023, with a beautiful Sun in Aquarius, sextile Jupiter in Aries and a creative and empathetic Moon in Pisces, I want to be optimistic: the desire to get involved in the community is great. The lucky sign is Pisces, the unlucky sign is Sagittarius.

Todays horoscope January 25 2023 Virgo and Sagittarius feel wrong

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Today’s horoscope, Wednesday, January 25, 2023, and the forecasts are portent for portent for love, work and happiness. The Moon in Pisces revolves around Neptune, while the Sun is sextile, or in harmony, with Jupiter.

Jupiter in Aries is a symbol of optimism and a desire to get involved, as is the Sun in Aquarius. That’s why I’m optimistic: it’s time to understand what our role in society is.

With the Moon in Pisces, requested by Neptune, I would say that the lucky sign it can only be fish while that unlucky sign the shooter.

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Today’s horoscope for Aries

What you need is to follow your instinct to a life of excess as good Mars suggests in your favour. Thanks to Jupiter in your sign, you are magically satisfied and celebrated by the crowds, like Constantine in the 2000s, who even manages to visit at least three discos spread across the boot in the same night. Well, you’re just ready for that kind of blistering pace.

love: You only want strong emotions that make your heart beat faster.
work: You can learn the art of listening in just a few simple steps. The first, of course, is to shut up.
health: Standing still is impossible, you need constant movement.
Advice of the day: Read all the unavoidable social events of the evening in the free Press Zero.
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Today’s horoscope for Taurus

You reconsider the importance of good gestures, sincere and common sense, with today’s Moon urging you to be truly generous. I’m sure you didn’t miss the news of the first white card in football history, used to highlight big gestures of fair play, during the women’s game between Benfica Lisbon and Sporting Lisbon. Finally, your sharp edges will be smoothed out

love: You are almost ready to leave some room for your partner’s advances.
work: Put yourself to the test and give excellent rabbits to those who ask you.
health: You should start keeping your pantry free of all the goodies you love to get in shape.
Advice of the day: Go to a sex shop for the latest news.
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Today’s horoscope for Gemini

Passion drives you to raise the bar higher and higher, with Mars ready to assist you in truly acrobatic and daring jumps. Keeping the zipper of the pants in check is really difficult, just like with Gerard Piqué, who also seems to have cheated on the beautiful Clara Martì with her divorce lawyer. Try not to get bogged down in similar situations.

love: You have the same unrelenting and unrelenting pace of a professional marathon runner.
work: always strive for the maximum, even if nobody feels the need to do so.
health: To soothe your energy, hit the gym at least a few times a day.
Advice of the day: Read Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray again.
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Today’s horoscope for Cancer

To persuade you to go back to the office and give up smartworking for good, you should suggest to your boss that they follow the example of the Japanese company Kawasaki, which has opened its offices to pets. Since you still have Mercury in opposition to this initiative, rather than paying lip service to this initiative, you could smuggle a hard copy of this article onto management’s desk. It could also have really desired effects.

love: A tender kiss is enough to set off immediately at a thousand miles an hour.
work: Play the silence factor in your favor, which can easily be mistaken for an excess of empathy and understanding.
health: to feel good, just be two.
Advice of the day: Read love poems because they are always good for the heart and romance.
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Today’s horoscope for Leo

You bolt like lightning on any news you don’t like because you’re already emotionally dealing with Venus in opposition and don’t have the patience of a Zen master. It was enough for you to read that the legendary Beppe Vessicchio will no longer direct the artists who compete in Sanremo to decide categorically that this year’s vision of the Kermesse will be canceled at the same time.

love: They only switch on in order not to switch off the entire boiler.
work: Emails that are too complicated and full of complaints are immediately discarded.
health: Only engage in activities you enjoy, such as B. a sales tour.
Advice of the day: Listen to Måneskin’s latest album.
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Today’s horoscope for Virgo

In various Anglo-Saxon countries, there seems to be a willingness to establish clear rules of conduct for influencers and to create a real order, that of engineers, so to speak. As your mastermind becomes increasingly positively lit by Mercury, giving you that sense of justice and concreteness, you should apply to be part of the commission that will take on this project. Surely you already have a ready-made design in hand to propose, right?

love: They hide themselves using the cloaking technique of immobility to keep intrepid admirers away.
work: Being a teacher is absolutely the role you like best.
health: It is not recommended to make drastic decisions about your appearance, such as B. a haircut.
Advice of the day: Clean up your Instagram contacts.
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Today’s horoscope for Libra

It really seems that you have landed straight from the planet Venus, for you perfectly embody the planet’s values ​​of love, beauty and harmony, but with a decidedly rocking and irreverent touch that Mars gives you. In practice, in terms of glamor and values, you are perfectly in line with the Måneskin group, who swore their eternal love a few days ago in Rome with a ceremony in a white dress with best man and the presentation of the bouquet. After all, love is enough for you, nothing more.

love You are wrapped around the eucalyptus tree like a koala.
work Peacefully leave economic and budgetary strategies to those who know more than you.
health: Since you have super muscles, show us all to “gnaw”.
Advice of the day: Make a list of things to do when you’re in bed and I’m not just talking about sex.
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Today’s horoscope for Scorpio

You deeply value brilliant and ingenious intelligence because Mercury has taken you to a truly next intellectual level. As you’ve definitely softened up thanks to today’s auspicious moon, we’ll see you cheering as you look at the photos of Vittorini Scientific High School’s genderless bathrooms, designed by the students themselves. Let this atmosphere accompany you throughout the day.

love: You reconsider your position as a die-hard single.
work: Only accept compliments when it comes to merit.
health: After all, your answers are less piqued than usual.
Advice of the day: Try lucid dreaming techniques.
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Today’s horoscope for Sagittarius

Your mission, which you accomplish with some success, is not to have to leave your home and do everything with one convenient click from your computer. Mars in opposition and the Moon again against it until evening, suggesting that the best place for you is your very comfortable sofa, but dressed in the latest fashions, as Venus urges you to behave in a certain manner. You’ll get super excited when you hear futuristic news about drones replacing drivers, so it’s safe to have pizza home hot and delivery right out your bedroom window.

love: you don’t want to bite it, even if it’s covered in chocolate, like a praline straight from Belgium.
work: Keep your usual witty comments to yourself, it doesn’t seem real.
health: a gourmet dinner that puts you in a good mood.
Advice of the day: Practice improving your WordPress site and eventually get it online.
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Today’s horoscope for Capricorn

Your never-ending quest to reach crowd star status never ends as you are perfectly advised by Mercury in your sign. They really try to stand out, so much so that when you saw Kylie Jenner’s lion head dress during the Schiapparelli brand show, you immediately thought this was the right look for your next public appearance. Your goal is to knock everyone out.

love: You know more about sweets than confectioner Ernst Knam.
work: You release the stick willingly, but only when the path is straight and smooth.
health: With your super controlled routine, you’ve already shed the pounds for the upcoming holidays.
Advice of the day: Book a romantic weekend now.
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Today’s horoscope for Aquarius

You are by far the brightest sign of the zodiac, thanks to Venus and Jupiter to accompany you and recommend you better than a team of image and financial advisors. You’re so confident that, even though 2022 is the record-breaking year for layoffs, you see great opportunity on the horizon for those who have left tenured jobs to pursue their passions and personal goals. You are willing to share and help, even as a mentor, because when it comes to entrepreneurship you are a true master.

love: You are so generous that you distribute it like confetti at Mardi Gras.
work the c-factor accompanies you in every decision.
health You are resilient to all your endeavors, from climbing a peak to a night dancing on tables at a disco.
Advice of the day: Buy tattoos for kids to fill your arms like a rock star.
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Today’s horoscope for Pisces

Like Ambra, you probably shed a little tear when you saw the video for the song “Angelo” sung by Francesco Renga and his daughter Jolanda. Today, with the Moon still in your sign, you are particularly emotional and sensitive, so much so that you are able to handle perfectly all the roughness that Mars continues to push against you. You start bravely, but for scruples you have a nice parachute firmly on your shoulders.

love: You allow yourself, but without too much effort.
work: They are hyper productive when they let you ramble and get off topic.
health: being lazy and smart suits you.
Advice of the day: Check out all the photos from the fashion shows to instantly update your look.
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