1709287821 Today39s Papers Pogba suspended Cardinale moves to Milan

Today's Papers – Pogba suspended, Cardinale moves to Milan

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Today39s Papers Pogba suspended Cardinale moves to Milan

Milan changes

The disappointed cardinal prepares a revolution

“Ibra and I are not satisfied: we are ready to change every aspect of the club to win the Scudetto.”

Lazio Rome is at a crossroads with a view to the Champions League

Pogba stabbed

Four-year ban for doping confirmed

“I am shocked, I will appeal to CAS”, Juve prepares to terminate the contract

Inter two gold stars

Tricolor effect and record numbers

Prices, TV rights, and the values ​​of the team and the brand are rising

12 more rounds, 12 questions for the league

From the leaders to those in need of saving

Corriere dello Sport

1709287803 354 Today39s Papers Pogba suspended Cardinale moves to Milan

“Juventus out”

The game in Maradona on Sunday, Aurelio rages: “You will be punished by UEFA”

DeLa: “Napoli has to go to the World Cup”

Pogba shock

Disqualified for 4 years

League, a political 18 (column)

To reduce the number of teams in Serie A

Cardinale lets everyone down

Lazio-Milan (8:45 p.m.): RedBirds number 1 speaks

“Ibrahimovic and I are not happy: we will make some changes.” Pioli fears Sarri has doubts: Immobile or Castellanos

Now Inzaghi lets Raffaello and Leonardo play

Inter in the TMNT jersey against Genoa

The limited edition dedicated to the famous turtles will be worn by the Nerazzurri on Monday


1709287807 351 Today39s Papers Pogba suspended Cardinale moves to Milan

AdL provokes, Juve snubs him

Sunday evening in Naples: The challenge heats up again

“You cannot take part in the Club World Cup” – Silence from the Bianconeri.

Pogba's hell

Four-year qualification for doping: “I am heartbroken, but this is not the end yet”

The national court accepted the prosecutor's request. “The verdict is not correct, I am shocked.” I never wanted to cheat anyone, I will appeal to CAS.

Juve is waiting for the legal process to be completed before making any decisions

Toro: Tudor is priority, but watch out for Bologna

The former Marseille coach needs to be convinced: he wants the trophies. Even the Rossoblu in action: If Motta leaves…

Future Inzaghi: Inter, now I decide

The cornerstones to stay: confirmed big names, no bulk sales, long contracts, valued employees

Cardinal thunders: “Milan, it’s not working”

RedBirds number 1: “Too many injuries, we will change” Tonight at Lazio.

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