Today39s weather We could break heat records in southern Quebec

Today's weather: We could break heat records in southern Quebec

The mercury could exceed the threshold of 15 degrees this Tuesday in southern Quebec, which will generally be below the sun, while elsewhere several sectors will experience different fates due to the weather.

The weather will therefore be generally sunny in Montreal and surrounding areas with temperatures of 13 degrees, while the weather in Outaouais could break a record of 15 degrees, especially in Gatineau.

Small disadvantage for western Quebec: the rain turns into snow with accumulations of 2 centimeters, while temperatures drop by up to 4 degrees or even 2 degrees depending on the sector.

According to Environment Canada, the return of the sun will be accompanied by some clouds in the center of the province, with temperatures above seasonal norms.

According to forecasts from the federal agency, some rain showers are expected in areas slightly further north, particularly in Saguenay and La Tuque.

The same weather scenario of alternating sun and clouds is expected in eastern Quebec, although certain sectors, including Gaspésie, will have more coverage than others.

On the other hand, the weather on Wednesday will be rainy due to the arrival of a low pressure area that will cause the mercury temperature in Montreal to suddenly drop to 3 degrees.