Tom Brady could become a team owner

Tom Brady could become a team owner

Former NFL quarterback Tom Brady would like to partner with owner Mark Davis at the Las Vegas Raiders as talks are well advanced in that direction.

As ESPN reported on Friday, talks between the 45-year-old and the club started a few weeks ago and according to some sources, a solution could be forthcoming. However, they specified that Brady’s participation would be considered “passive”: he would therefore have no financial or sporting control over the club’s affairs.

Last March, the former No. 12 confirmed buying a minority stake in the Las Vegas Aces, a WNBA women’s basketball team also under Davis’ umbrella. If the two men also agree, 24 NFL franchise owners must approve the transaction, as required by Goodell Circuit rules.

Very active

ESPN also recalled that Brady regularly visits Las Vegas, a city where the Raiders hosted after moving from Oakland in 2020. The Super Bowl winner, who has played seven games in his career, has previously expressed interest in becoming a minority shareholder in one of the NFL. According to the American chain, he would have negotiated with the Miami Dolphins in 2021 and 2022.

Still, the NFL launched a six-month investigation and concluded that Florida club owner Stephen Ross, a friend of Brady’s, specifically violated the league’s anti-poaching policy. In addition, the sanctioned team lost their first-round pick from the last draft.

Brady is expected to begin a television career in 2024 after signing a 10-year, $375 million deal to serve as an analyst for broadcaster FOX Sports. His possible connection to the Raiders would in no way affect his connection to this medium.

The man who led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl win in winter 2021 retired at the end of last season, in which his team lost the flag in the first round of the playoffs after finishing at the top of its group 8-9 record. He had opted to play the season by postponing his retirement, originally made in February 2022.