Tom Cruise Love is possible with Elsina Khayrova – Paris

Tom Cruise: Love is possible with Elsina Khayrova – Paris Match

In a plush building in central London, just a few steps from Hyde Park, Tom Cruise arrives smiling at the birthday party of one of his friends. It's Saturday December 9th, it's almost 9 p.m. On his arm a magnificent creature, Elsina Khayrova. They don't let go of each other throughout the evening, laughing together, talking, dancing until late into the night and, above all, going out together.

In a departure from usual, Cruise declined selfie requests, but some of the guests quickly reported the scene to the tabloids. Three days later, the lovebirds appeared on the front page of the Chron as “inseparable and behaving like a real couple in front of guests who were stunned to say the least.” The value of Tom and Elsina increases on the photography market. And a few days later the couple decides to spend the evening together again.

This time Tom Cruise has pulled out all the stops. He reserves the first floor of a chic and expensive restaurant, the Novikov, whose menu combines Italian and Japanese specialties: menu price 600 euros. This time, according to The Sun, they treat themselves to a romantic dinner. “Tom has absorbed Elsina’s words,” a source told the tabloid. They seemed very close, says a restaurant employee who asked the actor for a photo before being rebuffed by the American bodyguards who followed him day and night. The restaurant management we contacted neither denies nor confirms that they “want to preserve the anonymity of their customers”…

A trip for Christmas

We know love gives you wings. In his name, Tom even seems determined to give up his life as a reclusive and extremely protected star. On a whim, on December 17, the couple decided to visit Hyde Park's pop-up fair, Winter Wonderland, over the holidays, a sort of giant Christmas market with an ice rink, a circus show, and a giant Ferris wheel. and ice bar. A romantic hotspot in London where you're unlikely to meet anyone.

Despite security fears, Tom Cruise and Elsina Khayrova put on glasses and hats. And it's a success: no one would have recognized her! They would also have enjoyed these little incognito walks and would have been spotted strolling the streets of London several times over the holidays.

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Maximum frustration: There is no trace of these excursions on the model's Instagram account, which offers its 14,000 followers glossy versions of her various fashion shoots between Paris and Saint-Tropez. To live happily, live hidden.

However, the idyllic picture is not without shadows. Of course there are 25 years between them, as Cruise celebrated his 61st birthday this summer. But above all, Elsina Khayrova's personality raises questions. This beautiful Russian woman, who now lives in the UK, is the daughter of a close friend of Vladimir Putin, a former Duma deputy from the United Russia presidential party and former deputy finance minister of Tatarstan, one of the Muslim republics of the Russian Federation. Russia, further the banks of the Urals.

mother and divorcee

A mother of two children, she was married to Dmitri Tsvetkov, an oligarch from whom she divorced several months ago after a long and painful procedure. Amid the Ukraine conflict, Tom Cruise's new pro-Putin communities disagree in the United States, where the press is already denouncing an unsavory mix of genres.

Deadly.  The 36-year-old model loves diamonds... right down to her toes.

Deadly. The 36-year-old model loves diamonds… right down to her toes. ©DR

In the UK, it is Elsina herself who has been the target of several reports from anti-corruption groups since 2018, both for her lavish lifestyle and her property purchases. The London apartment in the posh Knightsbridge district, just a few steps from Harrods department store, with a swimming pool and private garden would be worth 12 million euros! Better yet: the Surrey Palace, 2,500 square meters with 15 bathrooms, 10 marble bedrooms and even a cinema room… 25 million euros. It is one of the most expensive houses in the UK.

Elsina's father believes that his daughter's lifestyle has nothing to do with her wealth and everything to do with that of her ex-husband, knowing that both men derive their power from the same source: Tatarstan's military-industrial sector. The divorce of Elsina Khayrova and Dmitri Tsvetkov is the origin of a flood of crazy revelations, like this collection of around a hundred handbags worth 1 million euros!

The spurned husband seems to have retained a certain sense of humor. When asked by The Telegraph, Tsvetkov wanted to warn Tom Cruise: “A producer friend of mine in Hollywood offered to make a film about me, in particular about the assassination attempts I was subjected to and about my divorce.” I said, “Okay, As long as Tom Cruise plays me.” I've always loved his films, he's a great actor. »

Tom's previous relationships

Taking risks, how else can you live as Tom Cruise? The actor's personal life is marked by triumphs and disasters. He married first to actress Mimi Rogers (who would say a few years later that this marriage was never actually consummated), then in 1990 to Nicole Kidman, then a young Australian starlet whom he would help popularize in the United States States by filming “Days of Thunder” and “Distant Horizons” with her.

Their union lasted ten years and they adopted two children, Isabella and Connor. Same result in his six-year relationship with Katie Holmes, star of the series “Dawson”. The accusation this time: the influence of Scientology. Because he remains one of the most active members and speakers of this “church” that some consider a cult, so his personal career has often been affected.

Less because of the beliefs it adopts than because of the proselytism it demonstrates, to the point that it provokes the ire of his director and friend Steven Spielberg, while in 2005 Tom Cruise tries to avoid the presence of a churchy attitude on the set of “” to enforce. War of the Worlds”. He divorced Katie in 2012: Holmes announced that she was leaving him to maintain the education of their daughter Suri. She receives sole custody. Suri is now 17 years old.

But he stays at a distance. What followed were some more or less open and more or less authentic romances (from Penélope Cruz to Vanessa Kirby or the singer Rihanna) and rumors about homosexuality that Tom Cruise has been carrying around since 2001 and the revelations of the porn actor Chad Slater, who claimed to have had an affair with the Top Gun hero. The actor sued him, which he won a few years later.

“Mission: Impossible 9” postponed

As for work, the latest film “Mission: Impossible,” which was released last summer, did not wow audiences. A semi-success felt like a real financial failure after the worldwide success of “Top Gun.” Maverick” in 2022. Added to this is a strike by screenwriters and actors in Hollywood, which forced the Paramount studio, already cooled by the poor performance of the adventures of Ethan Hunt, to postpone the release of “Maverick” by a year move. Mission: Impossible 9”, now scheduled for May 2025.

History, they say, behind the scenes, reworking the script and completing a daunting and even more expensive shoot that has been going on for more than a year. But Tom Cruise seems to have his thoughts elsewhere… The reason? This time a sentimental scenario, but one that wasn't lacking in twists and turns.