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Cancer 3D printing

In these TOP 5 videos of the week, we reveal how 3D printing could help beat cancer. Then, delve into the heart of Paris Fashion Week, the world’s most celebrated fashion event. The great haute couture house Dior presented a 3D printed men’s shoe. Also discover the first 3D printer resulting from the merger of Ultimaker and Makerbot, the UltiMaker S7. Then we will show you why the automotive industry, like the Alpine team, is using additive manufacturing technology and integrating it into their parts manufacturing process. At the end of this TOP 5 we show a 3D printing process that combines 4 different materials and a rotating nozzle. Good Sunday!

TOP 1: 3D printing to cure cancer: Applications in the medical field with 3D printing have increased in recent years. This technology can enable the manufacture of prostheses and breast implants, but in this video we show you how it could defeat one of the deadliest non-communicable diseases, cancer.

TOP 2: Dior and its 3D printed shoes: Paris Fashion Week started on January 17th. The opportunity for the big brands to show their latest collection for the coming seasons. Dior, a major French luxury house, has unveiled a 3D printed men’s shoe. Designed by Kim Jones, this pair is inspired by the brand’s ‘Carlo’ derby.

TOP 3: The UltiMaker S7: In May 2022, Ultimaker and Markerbot merged into UltiMaker. This Tuesday, it introduced the UltiMaker S7, the company’s first 3D printer. This is the first launch of a machine since announcing their collaboration. In terms of specs, it’s an Ultimaker S5 2.0. For more details, just below it says it’s happening!

TOP 4: Additive manufacturing in F1: The goal in F1 is simple: to be the fastest. But speed doesn’t just play out on the track, but also in the production of the cars. That’s why we tell you how Jabil and the Alpine team are working together to speed up the production of car parts. This video takes you behind the scenes to explore the technology and strategy behind the race to victory.

TOP 5: Multi-material rotary 3D printing: The 3D printing industry is always looking for new ways of additive manufacturing. This time, a team of researchers from Harvard University has developed a 3D printer that combines 4 different materials and a rotating nozzle to deposit a spiral filament. Discover this rather surprising 3D printing method just below!

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