Top Gun Maverick The US Army has banned Tom Cruise

Top Gun Maverick: The US Army has banned Tom Cruise from pursuing one of his dreams

For Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise couldn’t achieve one of his dreams. Find out what the US military didn’t allow the Hollywood star to do!

Top Gun: Maverick marked Tom Cruise’s return to the top of the news with much fanfare. With worldwide sales of more than 1.5 billion dollars, the blockbuster is a remarkable success, which once again proves how popular the Hollywood star is with the public.

So Tom Cruise has everything to make Top Gun: Maverick box office happy. If it were only for the sequel to the 1986 cult film, he still wouldn’t be able to achieve one of his dreams!

Always involved, Tom Cruise performed an impressive prep for Top Gun: Maverick that allowed him to fly aboard a real F/A-18 aircraft. But the actor didn’t have permission to pilot the famous machines, which must have saddened whoever loves creating amazing performances on screen so much.

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If Tom Cruise was able to carry out catapult take-offs and landings as part of his qualification program, the American Navy therefore did not authorize him to take command of the F/A-18 himself. Everything Tom Cruise is. Speaking to the Bloomberg website, Glen Roberts, the Pentagon’s media director, hinted that the privilege was reserved for military personnel only.

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So we’re not joking with the rules: Tom Cruise is flying aboard an F/A-18, but it’s a US Army pilot directing the plane next to him. For your information, an aircraft of this type costs a trifle of 70 million dollars each. And the Paramount studio had to pay no less than…11,374 greenbacks an hour to rent a machine!

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