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Toriyama doesn’t like a character from Dragon Ball Z; Check it out Multiverse

Not only the fans, but also the creators may not be enthusiastic about some of the characters in the stories. For example, among the characters in Dragon Ball Z, there is one that the creator doesn’t like. Understand why Akira Toriyama favors anime in his creations.

Not all androids please the creator

Akira Toriyama created several iconic characters for one of his hit anime, Dragon Ball Z. However, among the characters there is one that the creator does not like.

He made this fact clear in an interview prior to the release of Volume 4 of Dragon Ball Super. According to Toriyama, Cell, one of the androids, did not defeat him. The reason given by the creator was understandable. He stated that he didn’t like the difficulty of drawing Cell.

When the character assumes his villain form, he will have multiple birthmarks on his body, slowing down the finalization process. Also, due to the complexity of the character, defining his actions was a problem, according to Akira Toriyama.

Dragon Ball ZImage: Toei Animation/Reproduction

These facts justify the limited space the character had in the stories. As for several other villains, if one of them had Cell difficulty, it would be underexplored.

For the same reason, Akira Toriyama claims that the character hasn’t shown his full potential. One of his strengths was his psychological complexity and his fighting style, which impressed viewers.

By agreeing that Cell is one of the most iconic anime characters, fans disagree with the creator. Initially he wasn’t intended to be one of the main antagonists of the story, but in the end he won over the audience with his unique personality, which expressed the fear of a true villain.

While the difficulty of creating Cell is a point the creator mentions, it is undeniable that he was one of the characters best described by critics who had previously pointed out weaknesses in the anime’s combat.