Torrential rains cause major damage in French Polynesia

Torrential rains cause major damage in French Polynesia

Heavy rains hit a part of French Polynesia on Monday, causing flooding of homes and businesses and flooding of roads, said authorities in that Pacific territory, who have declared a state of natural disaster.

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The heavy rains caused many rivers to burst their banks, causing landslides and tree falls in the Leeward Islands archipelago and the Leeward Islands, the most populous islands in Tahiti and Moorea.

According to the Chief of Staff of the High Commissioner of the Republic, Emilia Havez, the emergency services carried out “around a hundred operations” on Monday morning. No casualties were reported.

According to the President of French Polynesia, Moetai Brotherson, the local government issued an order noting the state of the natural disaster in order to allow “the mobilization of the necessary resources (…), in particular financial resources,” said he. -he adds.

According to Philippe Frayssine, director of Météo-France Polynésie, the two archipelagos were affected by “very heavy rainfall in a short period of time”.

“In a valley near Papeete we reached 105 millimeters in two hours (…). That's more than 100 liters per square meter in two hours. “These are remarkable amounts,” but “not extraordinary,” he noted.

Another episode of heavy rain was expected during the night from Monday to Tuesday. All schools remained closed on Tuesday.

Last week a cyclone warning was issued for part of Polynesia due to the passage of tropical depression Nat. The phenomenon did not cause any injuries or major damage.