1674119016 Totti Blasi Noemis ex husband quotRevenge who is behind itquot

Totti Blasi, Noemi’s ex husband? "Revenge who is behind it"

Totti Blasi Noemis ex husband quotRevenge who is behind itquot

The ex-husband of Naomi Bocchi he would have been “pushed” to come out in the open at Non è l’Arena, on Ba7 Fabrizio Crown. It is the bombshell that Giuseppe Candela dropped in his column about Dagospia: “Since February 2022 everyone has been talking about Noemi Bocchi – we read – but nobody knows her voice. The new partner of Francis Toti is has already been in the crosshairs of the ex-husband in recent months Mario gummies“.

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“The entrepreneur – added Candela – gave his first exclusive interview to the weekly Chi and then landed on TV at Non è l’Arena. Rumor has it that the entrepreneur is, so to speak, Fabrizio Corona. Just the distant enemy of the Totti family, from the Flavia Vento case to the falling out with Ilary Blasi on Big Brother Vip. Furbizio’s Revenge?”. Speaking of Bocchi’s ex-husband: In his interview with Massimo Giletti, there was no lack of bitter words for Totti either.

Naomi and Toti?  I'll tell you what they really do at home.  The ex-husband drops the bombshell on TV

“I have chosen to speak on TV for the first time because unfortunately this story is part of the blackest side of my life – he explained – Noemi? She is a woman who knows how to take you, she shows you the beautiful side of life. He wanted to go to Rome, make the climb and look for something better. Well, the villa in the country wasn’t good, but the apartment with a view of Rome was.”