Totti Blasy divorce Ilary denied by Cristiano Iovino I had

Totti Blasy divorce, Ilary denied by Cristiano Iovino: “I had an intimate relationship with her, I will tell it in court”

Cristiano Iovino tells the story of the divorce between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti. He is the personal trainer who ended up in the newspapers because he was named by the former Roma captain as the man his wife cheated on him with, which led to the end of their marriage. In the documentary Unica on Netflix, the showgirl said that she and Iovino had coffee in Milan with their friend and hairdresser Alessia Soldani. And that the messages exchanged before and after that had made Totti angry were innocent chatter with a friend. Today Iovino, a successful influencer with 55,000 followers who lives between Rome and Milan, denies this. In an interview with Messaggero, he tells a completely different story than the one described by Blasi. And he confirms that he is ready to testify in court where the couple's divorce is being discussed.

Now I will talk

Iovino clearly tells Valeria Di Corrado that there was “intimate contact” between him and Ilary. And that admission could have value in the case being heard in Rome's civil court, where Totti and Blasi are discussing a separation under indictment. And it also reflects badly on Blasi from a media perspective, considering that if what Iovino said is true, she lied in the documentary (and the upcoming book). “I actually didn’t want to talk about the topic. But despite myself, I was constantly being educated. In the Unica documentation and in the book. Not long ago it was announced that my name was Francesco Totti's main witness in the separation dispute between them. “Against this background, on the advice of my lawyers, I have decided to speak out,” he begins. Then a story begins that is completely different from Ilary's.

Known in 2020

“We met through social media in 2020. “We later arranged to meet in person at a Banksy exhibition they were holding in central Rome at the time,” he recalls. He initially contacted her on Instagram and “jokingly commented on a selfie of her in the elevator.” He says both were afraid of becoming the focus of a media case since Ilary was married to Totti. “We mainly saw each other at my house, although we also happened to see each other in Alessia Soldani's shop in Parioli,” he adds. When asked about the meeting in a hotel in Milan: “I prefer not to answer. If I am then called to court, I will report there.” He came over to greet Ilary on her birthday at the Ronin in Milan, but they no longer spoke much at that time. But there was also a plan for a weekend together: “She asked me to come to her in New York. She was there with her sister and I had a few friends.

Intimate dating

Iovino says he was in Mexico at the time but ultimately decided against it. Then he gets to the point: “Yes, she was married, but we can't talk about history.” I would say more of an intimate relationship. We were together when work commitments permitted. They could have gone months without seeing each other as I was away often. And again: «In our meetings we didn't talk much about the situation in his house. But he had made it clear to me that his wedding was under the credits. And that they practically lived separately at home. Otherwise I would have certainly avoided such a situation.” Iovino also gives a date: the end of 2021. So a few months before the publication of the photo of Totti with his current partner Noemi Bocchi. The relationship, if you can call it that, more or less ended after the fading weekend in New York.

The documentation

“We had a good relationship until the release of his documentary. I expected him to warn me since he was talking about me. My everyday life and my composure were out of balance for several weeks,” he says. The relationship ended when he started dating another girl and she started dating Bastian Müller-Pettenpohl, her current boyfriend: “I think she met him in New York,” she adds . And it also sheds new light on the relationship between Müller and Blasi, which officially began after the separation from Totti. The end of the conversation sounds like a threat: What he said “is all verifiable, although I hope there is no need for it.” Totti had told Aldo Cazzullo that he had not betrayed him first. Now more twists and turns are expected.

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