Totti Noemi an unexpected gesture arrives it happened in front

Totti Noemi, an unexpected gesture arrives: it happened in front of everyone Tennis Press

Totti-Noemi, an unexpected gesture comes: it happened in front of everyone. The two are always the focus of media attention

The paparazzi and gossip experts never take their eyes off him. The former Roma captain and the flower designer once again stunned everyone with the latest episode. Totti and Noemi still togetherTotti and Noemi still together –

Whether it is a wonderful cruise in the Caribbean or a simple walk in the center of Rome, Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi You are always the center of attention. The transfer of the former master of National in the Vigna Stelluti area, has meant that a number of paparazzi are always lurking in these areas. A shot, a picture showing them together, has grown in value over the months now that their story seems to have taken a definitive direction.

The two families, with his three children and their two, have come together and appear to have formed a new, very unified nucleus. Aside from some rumors that have been circulating for the past few weeks, come on a possible crisis The union seems to be making good progress. There are also those who had made an imminent hypothesis pregnancy, based on some clues found in her car. A photo showing a medical record from a well-known Roman health company made everyone suspicious. At the moment However, no confirmations have arrived in this sense.

Totti-Noemi comes an unexpected gesture: the two had a good time in Venice

But what amazed everyone the last gesture seen by the former protagonist of Giallorossi number 10, Taking on a social gag that immediately went viral. Francesco has never lacked humor, as well as funny skits that may have been posted on Instagram when he was in the company of Ilary Blasi.

Totti-NoemiTotti Noemi –

This time the amusing context was created in Venice, where Noemi and her lover ran away Saint Valentine. A last minute organized trip out of town that attracted as always the attention of fans and viewers.

In addition to the romantic roses and flowers, Totti also put a middle finger in it. Yes, you understood correctlyWhen he arrived at the lagoon, a “gesture” also escaped him, it is not known to whom it is addressed.

In the society skit we see an exchange of jokes between the two who have arrived in Venice. She frames him and asks him: “Love, show what you have found” and he replies with a smile and in a good mood: “Hi guys, I wanted to say goodbye because I miss you so much”. At this point, the middle finger comes up, but not off his hand but immortalized in a “sculpture” made of red porcelain.

The couple dropped a hearty laugh, perhaps thinking of giving this mark of contempt to anyone who has hinted at a crisis of late. The evil tongues that never fail but seem to bring good luck to the couple.

Totti-Noemi, to respond to the crisis rumors, extends the middle finger: the gag is hilarious

In Venice there was no lack of romance befitting such an anniversary, with shots accompanied by the tones of “I would like to”. Lunapop, or a beautiful picture of the hotel bed, on which is drawn a big heart with the words “You and me” with red rose petals. The background of Renato Zero with “Love Sublime” seems to seal everything perfectly. Naomi BocchiNoemi Bocchi –

While the lovebirds’ honeymoon went on smoothly, Ilary Blasi was in the company of three children, Christian, Chanel and Isabel. Also for them with the German entrepreneur Bastian things seem to be going well.

From one trip to the next, the two bond more and more and even their respective families now know about it (Ilary also flew to Germany).