Totty fat Francescos answer comes from the Caribbean dello Sport

Totty fat? Francesco’s answer comes from the Caribbean dello Sport

A few days ago it must be said Francesco Toti he didn’t exactly post his best photo while doing an ad for a well-known car brand. Someone pointed out to him (not very elegantly) how he had apparently gotten fat, in a mixture of irony and spite, with jokes like, “France, have you eaten Ilary’s pockets?”. Totti, used to much harsher criticism since he started playing, didn’t reply: He knows full well that the physique is no longer what it was when it was played and he also knows that by nature he’s not exactly like Cristiano Ronaldo, so to speak. But at 46 he also knows he has one good line and from keep fit by playing padel and soccer.

Totti smears, the answer to the haters

These days, however, while on vacation ai Caribbean with Naomi and his three children, cruising on one of the largest ships in the world, Totti was recognized by some fans, standing on a white beach and in front of the crystal clear sea, immortalized in costume. And the photo that has been circulating online in the last few hours is the best answer to the haters: he will no longer have the stature of a professional footballer, but Totti is anything but fat. And that might be enough to close the question…