Totty fat Post photos for New Years Eve and followers

Totty fat? Post photos for New Year’s Eve and followers: "France ‘ They emptied Ilary’s pockets"

The historic Giallorossi captain is lovingly teased by fans for a few extra pounds

Also Francesco Toti he is the “victim” of Christmas revelry. The historic Roma captain posted a photo on Instagram from Miami where he is on vacation with his children and his partner Noemi Bocchi. It’s a photo taken for one of his sponsors that combines advertising and wishes for the New Year, but fans didn’t notice the car sponsored by Pupone less than the fact that he’s put on some weight…

Totti got fat according to his fans

many i Comments on the captain’s extra kilos, some very ironic. But then came the comments of those who criticize those who talk about weight and certainly mean it as body shaming. Among the comments that had the most likes, there are ‘One France’….Stay a double chin” and “Francè, what are you a magnate, Ilary’s bags?”a dig at the ongoing dispute with now ex-wife Ilary Blasi.

Sentimental Matters

There are also many who refer to the sentimental affairs of Francesco Totti e Someone isn’t looking well at their bond with Noemi Bocchi. In fact, the comment from one follower, who wrote, was appreciated, “The truth is that since your breakup you’ve always been sulking and getting uglier. Captain, my captain… leave Ilary if you want… but leave the other one… For heaven’s sake”.

VIP speeches

Among those defending Francesco Totti there are also some VIP friends who stress that he will always remain a champion to be respected. The radio announcer Anna Pettinelli is very explicit: “Captain. You are perfect, this coj *** still rosicano”.

And Chanel confirms the binges

The fact that Totti, like most Italians, ate a little more during the current Christmas holidays is also evident from what he wrote on social media his daughter Chanel, who is vacationing in Miami with his brothers and father. In fact, the second daughter of Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi wrote: “I’m going back to Rome with 20 kilos more”.

Greetings not too welcome

However, there are also those who do not criticize Totti because of the divorce or because of the alleged extra kilos, but because of the Choice to send New Year’s greetings with a sponsored post. And there are also those who ask for the car as a gift…

January 02, 2023 – 12:47 p.m