TQG They filter lyrics from Shakiras NEW SONG featuring Karol

‘TQG’: They filter lyrics from Shakira’s NEW SONG featuring Karol G dedicated to Gerard Piqué and Anuel AA

Everything seems to indicate that the collaboration between Shakira And Carol G is about to be released and is said to be one of the most awaited among the fans of the two Colombians dedicated so much for anuel aa as for Gerard Pique. bliss new song which bears the title “TQG“will bring up a lot of references to the ex-partners of the two singers, as it was filtered out part of letter this new composition, which has given much to talk about.

After endless rumors pointing to it Shakira I wanted to work with Carol GFinally this information has been confirmed, so many are waiting for its launch and it is expected that it is not just a new dart Gerard Piquefor …. As well anuel aawho left the “Bichota” amidst much speculation about an alleged infidelity as in the case of the owner of Kosmos.

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They filter lyrics from Shakira’s ‘TQG’ with Karol G; So says a new song dedicated to Gerard Piqué and Anuel AA

Undoubtedly, it was two of the singers who were in the eye of the hurricane over sentimental issues Shakira And Carol Gwho are said to have been victims of infidelity Gerard Pique And anuel aa; In addition, she is one of the most influential women in Latin America in terms of music fields. For this reason, everyone has high expectations of this collaboration, which is named “TQG‘, meaning ‘You Got Big’, where international media has already done it filtered out part of letter which is definitely possible dedicated the above celebrities.

“At least with me I kept you pretty,” while Shakira told Pique, “You go out looking for food and I thought it was monotony.”

Said filtered stanzas that are part of the letter of new song “TQG” from Shakira with Carol Ghave shown that they are ready to vent and show a musical theme that turned out to be “a ballad in the minor key, with touches of reggaeton and that boils with brotherhood” as defined by the “Bichota” after he confirmed had that he would have a duet with the singer of “Anthology” and stressed that he had been waiting for this collaboration for a long time, which, most likely, will take place dedicated To Gerard Pique And anuel aa.