Traffic off for cars with gasoline and diesel engines Vorarlberg

Traffic: off for cars with gasoline and diesel engines Vorarlberg


Cars with gasoline or diesel engines are about to be phased out: from 2035 they will no longer be able to be registered. That was decided this week in the EU Parliament. However, this decision comes too late, says Christian Gratzer from the Austrian Traffic Club.

02.17.2023 05.47

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Other countries had already planned the same for a much earlier period: “Norway has already set the target for 2025 that no new car with a combustion engine should enter the market from then on”, points out Gratzer.

EU ‘too late’ with decision

The big goal is that global warming does not exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius. Whether this will be successful depends, in particular, on the greenhouse gas emissions from traffic. The bottom line is that the EU decision is of little use for the climate, says Gratzer, who is committed to an eco-friendly transport system.

Many car manufacturers would already be thinking ahead: “There are also several car manufacturers who have already decided to phase out”, emphasizes Gratzer. “The EU is basically behind schedule here with the year 2035,” he criticizes.

Arbö: EU is driving automakers to a dead end

The Arbö drivers’ club sees another problem with the EU’s decision: it will drive the car industry into a dead end. “Europe is giving up on a key industry”, criticizes Gerald Kumnig. In this way, other countries have the opportunity to make internal combustion engines more ecological and cleaner.

In principle, the measures are in favor of making traffic cleaner in all areas: “However, the industry should look for the solutions and not the political bodies”, says a broadcast from Arbö.